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5 Reasons Why You Should Marry Yourself

Of course I don’t mean literally marry yourself. But, the point of this article is to make clear the importance of being committed to yourself first, before committing to another person. Many of us are under the impression – whether we realize it or not – that our happiness depends on others. For instance, that . . . . Continue Reading

Questions Parents of Addicts Ask: Part One

With so many young people out there who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction, of course there are thousands of parents of addicts with more questions than they know what to do with. These parents may have close to no clue what the disease of addiction means, what their children are going through, and . . . . Continue Reading

Stop Playing The Victim: 5 Reasons Addicts Are the Luckiest People in the World

As addicts, we can be kind of selfish and are pretty much all about instant gratification – we want what we want and we want it now. That being said, you’ve probably heard people in early recovery say something like, “this isn’t fair” or “I don’t deserve this” when things aren’t happening the way they . . . . Continue Reading

10 Things Women in Recovery Say

If you’ve spent any time around the rooms, you know there are some common things people in recovery can be heard to say. Here are 10 things women in recovery say…. “I used to hate girls until I came into the rooms” So many times, I have heard this (and I have said this myself):” . . . . Continue Reading

Big Pharma and the Rise of ADHD

You always hear your grandparents talking about how “back in their day, when a kid had ADHD he was just considered hyper,” now-a-days that isn’t the case at all. When a child or any one has ADHD it is very common practice to start them on medication. Big Pharma is the nickname given to the . . . . Continue Reading

What is a “freelapse”?

We’ve all heard of a relapse, which is defined as going back to a former state or condition, or for addicts and alcoholics – to start using or drinking again. Recently, I’ve heard the term freelapse pretty frequently, though. What is a “freelapse”? A freelapse is considered to be a free high that does not . . . . Continue Reading

Are We Born Addicts and Alcoholics?

It is a common question, are addicts and alcoholics born that way? Is this disease genetic or environmental? I know that with most addicts and alcoholics, if you look at their family tree you will usually find addiction somewhere else in their family. When scientists search for addiction genes what they are actually looking for . . . . Continue Reading

Vermont’s Heroin Epidemic

According to surveys shown in 2010 and 2011 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Vermont leads the nation in illegal drug use per capita. That’s not particularly surprising or shocking when it comes to marijuana, but the trend of Vermont’s heroin epidemic that’s surged into the state is cause for worry and . . . . Continue Reading

Sex Addiction: Not Just a Guy Thing

  Shortage of research and information about female hypersexuality branches from the double standard that men always want sex and women never do. Some women as an alternative refer to their condition as “love addiction” or “relationship addiction.” “Hypersexual Disorder” came close to being added to the DSM-V, the controversial fifth edition of the standard . . . . Continue Reading

Why Can’t I Have My Cell Phone in Rehab?

Why can’t I have my cell phone in rehab? The purpose of going to rehab is to get away from the outside world and distractions and focus on yourself, how can you do that with access to your cell phone? For most addicts and alcoholics, we used our cell phones to get a lot of . . . . Continue Reading

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