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Our Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

The Orchid’s philosophy of treatment is based on holistic healing. Just as addiction affects all aspects of a woman’s life, permanent recovery requires a healing of a woman’s entire self. For that reason, The Orchid’s treatment programs simultaneously strengthen a woman’s body, mind and spirit.

The Orchid’s program of recovery guides recovering women through a journey of growth and healing specifically tailored for each individual. The Orchid’s staff are certified and trained in their specialty, offering clients the best-in-class of each individual therapy in a program designed to synergistically contribute to a woman’s healthier life.

What You Will Experience in Treatment

Individual, Family and Group Therapy

How do a woman’s beliefs and behaviors contribute to her dependence on drugs and alcohol? More importantly, what beliefs and behaviors would create a life freedom, community, joy and peace? At The Orchid, therapy is where recovering women examine, explore and ultimately change their perceptions and patterns of behavior.The Orchid’s therapy program includes individual sessions with professional therapists, family sessions with trained counselors and group therapy with other recovering women. This combination of therapies allows women to safely and rapidly become aware of limiting and destructive patterns and learn to replace them with more rewarding thoughts and behavior.

Experiential Therapy and Psychodrama

Experiential therapy and psychodrama treatment is a therapeutic technique that allows clients to safely relive emotionally critical relationships and episodes through role-play and other exercises. For women in recovery, this practice gives vital insight to deep beliefs and dynamics that she may not be able to put into words. Used in conjunction with other therapies, experiential therapy and psychodrama contributes to a greater understanding of how each client can fully recover and thrive.

The Pain Recovery Program

The Pain Recovery Program at Palm Healthcare knows the importance of addressing the multi-faceted needs of the person in pain. The person in pain is not only concerned about reclaiming their own sense of well-being and functioning but they are also concerned about reclaiming their sense of purpose and direction to life.

Utilizing a comprehensive bio psychosocial perspective, incorporating the latest holistic, traditional, and state of the art non-invasive technology and interventions, the focus of the program is on assisting that person in pain in reclaiming all aspects of their life.

Individuals participating in The Pain Recovery Program are provided a variety of treatment options that include medication management, nutraceutical (vitamin) therapy, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, massage, muscle manipulation therapy, chiropractic care, aquatic therapy, hypnotherapy, and biofeedback. Treatment plans are individualized based on comprehensive evaluations and the specific needs of the person.

Yoga and Exercise

Rebuilding physical strength does more than simply increase a feeling of well-being. Regular exercise provides a natural and effective form of stress release that is valuable at all stages of recovery. Furthermore, as fitness levels increase, so does a sense of self-esteem, energy and strength to overcome life’s many challenges.Orchid takes the physical aspects of recovery very seriously. The Orchid’s Yoga therapy sessions provide excellent stress relief as well as providing a comfortable and safe introduction to controlled breathing exercises and meditation. Additionally, clients are provided with opportunities and certified training to engage in a wide range of fitness activities including yoga, cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.


Both clinical research and experience indicate that acupuncture therapyis an effective form of relapse prevention and stress relief. Orchid provides acupuncturists trained and certified in this ancient healing art.

Healing Arts Therapy

Each person expresses themselves in their own unique way. Healing Arts Therapy allows women to communicate their thoughts and feelings through a creative and visual medium. This therapeutic method has proven to be particularly helpful in increasing self-esteem and awareness in recovering women, and providing valuable insights to integrate into their recovery.

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Healing Sound Therapy

The use of crystal “singing bowls” has been practiced by religious orders for hundreds of years as a way to enhance their meditation. Practitioners of this ancient ritual enjoy a more complete relaxation and deeper focus during meditation, resulting in greater levels of stress release. The Orchid offers training in this rewarding technique that can be integrated into a client’s lifelong meditative practice.

Massage Therapy

Healing touch such as massage has been proven to decrease stress, reduce insomnia, lessen anxiety and relieve withdrawal symptoms. Massage therapy is provided by a licensed therapist and is available several times weekly for an additional fee.

Conscious Eating and Nutrition

The food that we eat has a very powerful effect on both our physical and psychological state. For many people in recovery, food was the first example of unconscious, addictive behavior. Starting with a tendency to eat — or not eat — as a way of controlling feelings, many addicts developed patterns of eating that paved the way for other harmful and unhealthy decisions in their lives.What’s more, an addict’s abuse of drugs and alcohol causes serious, cumulative damage to the vital organs of the human body. Eating the powerful natural foods that will repair that physical damage not only strengthens a woman in recovery, but builds a base for continued health and growth.Conscious eating is a way of feeding oneself in ways that are healthy, sustainable and in line with what the body actually needs. At The Orchid, clients are taught how to shop for and cook the delicious, nutrient-dense foods that give a recovering body the nutritional support it needs. In addition to feeding the recovery process at The Orchid, this nutritional counseling will support a lifetime of health afterwards.

Spiritual Guidance

The third part of the recovery triad is Spirit. Though all people approach the divine in an individual way, all people seek knowledge of a reality greater than our day-to-day lives. For those in recovery, this search provides one of the foundation stones of continued sobriety.At The Orchid, women are encouraged to continue their spiritual quest, both individually and separately, wherever that may lead them, and trained in the techniques of meditation and prayer to help them on their journey.

Some Additional Notes on Our Programs

Case Management Services

  • Case Management provides linkage for multiple services & is a crucial component for women throughout the treatment & recovery process
  • The Orchid has developed a comprehensive library of resources to assist clients with referrals for services including: ongoing therapy, 12-step meetings, psychiatric follow-up, medical care, vocational assistance or placement & other services
  • We are always careful to be aware of each client’s unique financial resources & insurance coverage, transportation needs or limitations, child care issues, etc. in order to provide effective case management services

When a client is an active participant in their aftercare planning, the likelihood of client follow-through greatly increases.

Addressing a Dual Diagnosis

Studies have shown that more than 50% of persons who are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs also have some form psychiatric condition. Some of the more common disorders affecting female clients with addiction are: mood disorders such as depression, generalized anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder, personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder and eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia. Both illnesses may affect a person physically, socially, spiritually and psychologically and simultaneously. Each illness has symptoms that interact with each other which is why they should be treated simultaneously.

Often, women attempt to recover from one illness without acknowledging the other. This may lead to “self-medicating” the untreated illness. In addition, if alcohol and drugs are taken with prescribed medication for the treatment of a mental health problem, this can result in the prescribed medication being ineffective or having an increased potency.

Recovering from Trauma

Research has suggested that up to 80% of women who seek drug treatment also report a history of some type of traumatic event or events: often in the form of sexual and/or physical abuse as an adult or child. These incidents usually meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The impact of untreated trauma on women in early recovery can be devastating and often leads to an inability to cope without chemicals, unhealthy choices and relapse.

At Orchid Recovery Center, clients are provided with opportunities to process symptoms of PTSD and receive individualized readings and assignments so they may learn to separate their symptoms from their identities. Using therapeutic techniques in conjunction with holistic healing methods, women receive treatment for both disorders and have been shown to experience significant reductions in their substance abuse and PTSD symptoms.

Our Smoking Policy

Smoking is limited to break or free time and only in designated outside areas.

At The Orchid, we believe that nicotine is a serious and dangerous drug. We strongly encourage our clients to quit smoking and to address this issue while they are in drug treatment. Our staff provides clients with a variety of tools to assist in nicotine cessation ranging from listening to meditation CDs, acupuncture, medication therapy and cognitive-behavioral approaches.

Additional information on nicotine and women:

  • experience higher rates of nicotine dependence than men, even at the same levels of use
  • have a greater risk of developing lung cancer than men at the same level of exposure to tobacco smoke
  • who smoke lose an average of 15 years of life while a male smoker loses 13 years
  • who smoke & use oral contraceptives increase their risk of heart attack by 1,000%
  • who smoke during pregnancy are at risk for premature birth (14%) & infant death (10%)
  • die at a greater rate each year due to lung cancer than from breast, uterine & ovarian cancers combined
  • who quit smoking, reduce their (smoking-related) risk of heart disease by 50% within the first year

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