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Spice Girls’ Mel C Explains Why She Said No To Reunion

In the 90s, Spice Girls were the hottest girl group out there. Growing up, I had quite the obsession. I collected all the Spice Girl Collectibles (remember those lollipops with the stickers tucked into the wrapper?) and watched The Spice Girls movie hundreds of times. Therefore, when I heard about the possibility of a reunion, . . . . Continue Reading

New Treatment Approach Could Help Depressed Smokers Quit

Author: Shernide Delva Quitting smoking is hard. Quitting smoking when you’re depressed is even harder. That’s why researchers are testing a new smoking cessation treatment combining medication and behavioral activation therapy targeted at this particular population. Researchers from Northwestern Medicine have pinpointed why quitting smoking is so difficult for depressed people. Now, they are testing . . . . Continue Reading

Nearly 10 Million U.S. Adults Seriously Considered Suicide Last Year

  September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and to mark the occurrence, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released a comprehensive report on suicide statistics from 2015. The report revealed that a high amount of American citizens contemplated and even seriously planned a suicide attempt. During just one year, 9.8 million . . . . Continue Reading

Former ‘Octomom’ Natalie Suleman Talks Overcoming Xanax Addiction

Do you remember a woman by the name of Nadya Suleman? Chances are, you do. She gained worldwide attention when she became “Octomom,” the first person of the new century to give birth to octuplets. She was on television, morning radio shows, and on gossip magazines. Audiences were captivated by her story. Then, it was . . . . Continue Reading

3 Ways Birth Order Can Influence Who You Are

Is who you are a product of your birth order? According to many theories, our position in our family can affect our character development. This theory is not anything new. It began with Alfred Adler, a contemporary of Sigmund Freud. He proposed the following: The first child likes to be in the spotlight The youngest . . . . Continue Reading

Simone Biles: I Have ADHD, And It’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

On Tuesday, the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) made the startling announcement that Russian hackers had leaked confidential information about U.S. Olympic athletes. The leaks revealed information from Therapeutic Use Exemptions, which allow athletes to use banned substances if they are for treating legitimate medical issues. The list of athletes on this list ranged from Venus . . . . Continue Reading

The Signs of High-Functioning Depression

The media paints a clear picture of what depression looks like. You see the man or woman sad, isolated, and unable to get out of bed. They go about their day withdrawn from family and friends, struggle with sleep and are emotional wrecks. While those are major signs of depression, there are people who have . . . . Continue Reading

Drum Circles: The Therapeutic Effect of Drumming

It was a little over a year ago. I had made a few “out of character” decisions, and I was eager to do something to gain mental clarity. This was not anything unusual. From meditation retreats, yoga binges, to poetry circles, I have done it all. I tend to have a mini-life crisis that leads . . . . Continue Reading

Wounds From Childhood Bullying Persist Into Young Adulthood

Bullying is not anything new. It has been going on for quite some time. However, these days, bullying has expanded into much more than the occasional tease and shove. Bullying has transformed into cyberbullying, and kids struggle to escape the lure of negativity that resides on the internet. The influx of bullying-related suicides and self-harm . . . . Continue Reading

How Ads Affect Youth Alcohol Consumption

How much do ads affect kids? It turns out; it affects them quite a bit. A recent study found that the more advertising kids see for a particular brand of alcohol, the more likely they are to consume those brands. The evidence revealed that advertisements geared to underage drinking teens really do affect the amount of . . . . Continue Reading