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Survey Reveals 7 in 10 U.S. Workplaces Affected by Opioid Abuse

When you think of those affected most by the opioid epidemic, you may think of the victims, family members, police officers, and EMTS. You probably don’t think about the employers. However, a recent survey found that 7 out of 10 employers state being negatively influenced by the opioid abuse epidemic. Nearly 70 percent of workplaces . . . . Continue Reading

Could Changing Dopamine Levels Treat Drug Addiction?

Dopamine is  one of the brain’s most crucial neurotransmitter. Not only does it control our reward and pleasure systems, it also regulates movement and emotional response to rewards.  A common factor in addictive brains is the lack of dopamine regulation. Most people with substance use disorder struggle to regulate happy chemicals like dopamine in the brain. . . . . Continue Reading

How the Brain Alters and Thickens to Compensate for Depression

  Depression is a serious condition that affects millions each year. Turns out, your brain actually alters and thickens to compensate for your depression. This means when you are depressed, there are areas in your brain that structurally alter in response to your condition. Researchers have found  structural differences in patients with depression in comparison with . . . . Continue Reading

 ‘A Drunk Can Consent’ Ruling in Sexual Assault Case Sparks Outrage

Consent in sexual assault is a very controversial topic. In many cases, consent is impossible to prove. On college campuses, cases of sexual assault often involve drugs and/or alcohol.  That’s why most colleges have a policy that sexual activity with an intoxicated person is, by definition, sexual assault. Therefore, a recent case is under fire . . . . Continue Reading

Bird Watching Near Your Home Boosts Mental Health

Growing up, I always had a fascination with birds. Nothing beats the sound of birds happily chirping away in the morning. In fact, a recent study suggests that bird watching is good for your mental health. Even more shocking, they found that people who live in neighborhoods with more birds are less likely to suffer . . . . Continue Reading

Drug Addicts Using Pets To Get Pain Pills From Vets

Drug addicts are known for doing anything to obtain their next high. Now, addicts are using their pets to try to get their hands on pain killers. Yup, believe it or not, this happens much more than you think. In fact, a recent case happened a few weeks ago in Vancouver, Washington, according to the . . . . Continue Reading

Debate: Should Anorexic Patients Be Force-Fed in Treatment?

A recent court case raised serious debate worldwide on whether or not it is okay to force feed a patient with anorexia. Now, the question remains: Is it right to force-feed a patient with severe anorexia against their wishes? Dr. Evan Harris, the former Liberal Democrat MP and a member of the British Medical Association’s . . . . Continue Reading

Schools Push Back Start Times to Boost Productivity and Mental Health

Do you remember the dreaded early mornings before school? They were brutal. The snooze button could only help so much. For decades, early start times and grade school seemed to go hand in hand. Now, some schools are fighting back in an effort to improve academic performance and mental health. With a population of just . . . . Continue Reading

Lena Dunham Reveals Battles With Anxiety, Depression And Mental Health Stigmas

Whether you are a fan of Lena Dunham or not, you have to commend her for speaking out about her struggles with anxiety. Although Dunham has been the focus of controversy since she entered the industry, Dunham is using her voice to spread the message of hope for those struggling with debilitating anxiety. Who is Lena . . . . Continue Reading

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

The month of February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month! The purpose of Teen DV month is to raise awareness about teenagers and young adults that endure abuse in intimate relationships.  The official week of recognition is typically February 13-19; however, events occur nationally throughout the month of February in recognition of this important cause. . . . . Continue Reading