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The Many Forms of Drug Addiction Denial

Denial is the shield of emotional protection surrounding a drug and alcohol addict.  They need this protection in order to continue using.  If they absorbed the truth of their habit and the damage it has been doing, they would have tremendous emotional pain and internal conflict.  Denial allows them to keep self medicating and unfortunately, keep people at bay who would like them to go to drug treatment and get clean.  Do you recognize any of these people in your life?

The Wife Who Just Doesn’t Want To Believe Her Husband Is a Drug Addict

Not my husband, he’s not one of those drugged out junkie types.  He spends a lot of time with friends and he works late.  Besides, he has a lot of headaches and late nights because of work.  He works so hard for us, he deserves to have fun with his friends.  He couldn’t take drugs and do all that.

The Stressed Office Worker Who Does Happy Hour Almost Every Day

Look, I go out with my friends after work to let go of work.  It’s like a nightmare all day long, and I just can’t wait for that first drink.  You know, just to relax.  And sometimes I stay longer just to be with my friends all night.  Evryone at the office does it anyway.  You’d go to happy hour every day too if you worked at my office.

The Woman With Odd Pains A Defensive Attitude And A Lot Of Hard Alcohol

Yeah, so I drink every day – who’s counting?  I’ve had this pain in my side for the last two years.  I don’t know what it is, and I’m not letting some doctor dig around in there tell me I have cancer.  Plus I’m always feeling sore after work.  Why don’t you have my life and tell me if I can’t have this whenever I want??

The Teen Who Tries To Minimize Drug and Alcohol Use

Really, if you think what I do is bad you need to talk to about twenty other people who are much worse.  Yeah, I mean I’m going out there to that party place out of town, but it’s only once a week.  I get drunk, so what?  I smoke a little weed – who doesn’t?  That’s normal high school stuff anyway.  My teacher told me once that kids who drink and get high a lot can get sent off to drug rehab or something.  Yeah – losers who have real loser problems.

The College Guy Who Uses Nearly Any Excuse To Drink

Hey, it’s a hot afternoon out here on the deck.  Of course I’m cracking a beer open, why not?  I’m not working today, the game’s on, and the cooler’s full.  We have some party for the alumni guys tonight.  I mean it’s just having a drink talking to some old guys for a while.  Then after they go, some of the guys who graduated last year and the year before – we’ll all hit the bars together.  Gettin’ wasted all weekend – cool with me.

Breaking Through Drug Addiction Denial Is Worth The Challenge

Overcoming someone’s drug addiction denial (or your own) is a huge first barrier.  If you can break through that, you have a much greater chance of getting this person to a drug rehab center or enrolled in some form of drug treatment.  It can take a lot of patience, persistence, and calm to make it happen.  But it’s worth it to see someone damaged by drugs and alcohol finally take their first step towards recovery by going to drug rehab.

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