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9 Problems of Binge Thinkers

9 Problems of Binge Thinkers

Binge thinker? OK, so we’re having a little fun with phrasing but, what we mean by binge thinker is someone who is a chronic over thinker. You know the type (maybe it’s you): they can’t seem to make a decision to save their life and when asked a question, even something as simple as, “Who’s your favorite musician at the moment?” (this may or may not have just happened to me), they freeze like deer caught in headlights.

Binge thinking might seem like a #FirstWorldProblem but, for people in recovery, it can be especially challenging. We find it extra difficult to take any of the suggestions at face value because we’re addicted to thinking and analyzing and then overanalyzing everything.

Here are 9 problems of binge thinkers – a list which is probably way shorter than it should be and there I go, over-thinking the whole damn thing.

#1. We hardly ever feel 100% certain

For those of you reading this who are not binge thinkers, imagine this: feeling anxious to make a decision and then, when you finally do, you constantly feel self-doubt about that decision. It’s not a pretty feeling and it plagues us over-thinkers to no end. We rarely, if ever, feel like we’ve made – without a doubt – the right choice.

#2. Navigating relationships is a nightmare

We over-analyze and read into everything. Which is even more maddening what with today’s most common mode of communication – texting. So much can get lost in translation, such as tone and even overall meaning. You ask a friend a question and she replies with a simple “K.” You immediately go into brain overload. “Did she mean to be rude? Is she mad at me? Oh god, she is mad… what did I do?” When it turns out that our friend was in the middle of something and only had the time enough to reply with that “K.” We can jump from conclusion to conclusion and it’s usually only the worst possible scenario.

#3. We self-sabotage

I know when I start reading too much into a person’s words or actions or a certain situation; I can convince myself to take ridiculous and drastic steps, like breaking up or leaving a job, just because I think that that’s where things are already heading. And it’s probably the furthest thing from the truth.

#4. We can’t compartmentalize

If something is ‘wrong’ in one area of our life, it will likely consume our thoughts, seeping into all other areas of our life, as well. We might be good at hiding it and being productive in spite of our obsessive thoughts but, it’s still there, gnawing at the back of our brain until we can get home, change into our yoga pants, collapse on the couch and do what we so love to do: think about it, inside and out.

#5. We don’t live in the moment

They say staying present in the moment is the best way to really enjoy life but, we over thinkers are virtually incapable of this. With practically every thought comes the whole chain reaction of “if this, then that” until we find our minds have drifted into the distant future, wondering how this decision is going to affect us 5, 10, 20 years from now, rather than simply enjoying the spontaneity.

#6. We have permanent buyer’s remorse

When making a purchase, no matter how great (read: expensive) or small (read: inexpensive), we’ll spend hours thinking and deciding which one is the best one, only to change our minds multiple times. When we finally do decide, we almost always immediately regret our choice.

#7. It’s difficult to enjoy experiences to the fullest extent

Not because we aren’t happy or wish we were somewhere else but, because of that whole grass-is-always-greener thing. Or else it’s because we wish we could have found a way to combine every possible choice to have the perfectly-blended assortment, leaving no room for wondering  about those two little words: “what if?”

#8. Restful sleep is hard to come by

It’s difficult falling asleep when your brain decides that nighttime is the right time to rehash all the mistakes you made that day. And every mistake you’ve ever made in your life, for that matter.

#9. When you make a mistake at work, you’re sure you’re going to get fired.
Only Every. Single .Time.

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