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10 Little Things You Can Do To Make Every Day More Peaceful and Productive (That Take Less than 10 Minutes)

10 Little Things You Can Do To Make Every Day More Peaceful and Productive (That Take Less than 10 Minutes)

There are things we know we should do in order to make our lives a little better and run a little more smoothly. Then there are things we might not know about that can improve our quality of life ten-fold. Here are 10 little things you can do to make every day more peaceful and productive (that take less than 10 minutes).

1.) Get ready for bed at least 30 minutes before lying down

If you wait til you’re sleepy to get ready for bed – whether it’s washing your face or showering – you’re confusing your body. These activities tend to refresh you and make you feel awake yet, it’s really time for bed. By getting ready ahead of time, you give your body a chance to relax and begin the process of falling asleep so that you’re fully asleep at a decent time.

2.) Set your alarm for earlier

We’re not talking an hour earlier. Err on the side of caution and set your alarm for 10 to 20 minutes earlier than you would normally. This way you can give yourself a little time cushion and not be rushed getting to work. Allowing yourself a little extra time in the morning can make all the difference. When you start your day off being rushed, you are setting yourself up for a hectic and stressful day.

3.) Wake up to something soothing

While we’re talking about setting your alarm, choose a favorite song or else a more gentle option on your smart phone rather than that horrible buzz or that obnoxious EH-EH-EH-EH sound. Waking peacefully and naturally instead of being jolted awake is much better for your soul.

4.) Stretch in the morning

Use that extra 10 minutes in the morning to stretch or to do some gentle yoga. Stretching is the most amazing thing and it’s a great way to get moving in the morning.

5.) Prepare the night before

Straighten up your living space because waking up to chaos is just setting yourself up for a chaotic day. Also, choose and lay out your outfit for work at night, set the timer on the coffee maker to start brewing your coffee at the appropriate time in the morning, set your keys by your mug, and make a list of the things you will need to take with you in the morning. Believe me, the better prepared for the morning you are, the better your day will go. Might as well set yourself up for a smooth morning.

6.) Put your smartphone face-down at night

You might be good about turning the sound (and vibration) off before bed but, did you know that that blue light that flashes when you get a notification is disrupting your sleep? That’s right. Blue light, in particular, seems to be detrimental to our sleep – affecting the release of the sleep hormone, melatonin, as well as interfering with our natural circadian rhythms that dictate our sleep cycle. This leads to disrupted and disordered sleep, which in turn, leads to poor, agitated moods during the daytime.

7.) Leave your curtains or blinds slightly open at night

This way, the natural and gradual process of it getting lighter in your room will help to wake you up by the time your alarm goes off. Trying to wake up in a completely dark room can be difficult and it’s such a shock to the system to suddenly flip on the lights when it’s time to get ready for work.

8.) Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning

We’re made up of 75% of water. It only makes sense that we need to replenish that after a good night’s sleep. Drinking water in the morning – room temperature is best – is a great way to wake up the body and get its functions going.

9.) Listen to music while getting ready

Depending on your personality and preference, put on something soothing or else something that gets you pumped while you get ready for work. For me, it’s Daft Punk’sHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” My coworkers always seemed so baffled at my high energy level and happy disposition especially first thing in the morning. My secret – this little ditty:

10.) Keep an orderly workspace

At the end of the work day, make it a habit to spend the last few minutes straightening up your work space or personal locker at work – whatever it is. Coming into a clean and orderly situation first thing on the job will set the pace for the day.

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