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What If You Didn’t Go To Rehab

There are thousands if not millions of women right now in the United States alone who need drug rehab to become well.  Already, only a small percentage of women who need treatment actually get it.  What if those few never went to drug rehab?  Let’s think about that. 

Addiction causes a lot of problems for women.  It especially brings chaos and health hazards to many young children.  Even though men are expected and accustomed to being more involved with parenting, women still do the majority of hands-on child care in their families.  Women are also a strong factor in the workforce and the harmony of their communities.

Problems Women Have Because of Addiction

Addiction takes over judgment and reasoning, which is one reason why women resist addiction treatment.  They don’t really need it.  They aren’t a “loser” – they have their use under control.  It’s hopeless – drug rehab wouldn’t fix what’s happened in their life.  Also, drug addiction robs people of finances, making treatment seem like something they could never do. 

Miraculously, some women do go to drug rehab and become like new women.  They still have their feelings and drug temptations, but they are in the driver’s seat of their life.  They have new skills to rebuild relationships.  They have clarity of mind and improved judgment, making them valuable to potential employers.  What would happen if these women never went to drug rehab to reshape their lives? 

Continued financial problems – You think drug rehab costs money?  How about continuing to get drugs and alcohol with stolen money, credit cards, borrowed money from family and friends, or (the worse) trading sexual acts for for drugs?  What about the medical bills for the liver disease or heart problems attributed to long years of drug use? 

More and greater health problems – Most of the harder drugs are associated with women trading sexual favors – heroin, crack cocaine, meth.  This kind of sex is often risky, exposing a woman to all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases and the risk of unplanned pregnancy.  Also, continued use of drugs and alcohol can damage the whole body – skin, liver, lungs, heart, just to name a few.  Also, drug use in pregnancy puts unborn babies at risk for birth defects and being born addicted to the mother’s drug of choice. 

Family dysfunction – Mothers log a lot of hours interacting with their children, often more than fathers.  This certainly isn’t true of every family, but even working mothers often do the direct personal care tasks and take their kids on errands.  For addicted women (especially single mothers), their interactions are strongly affected by their addiction. 

Addicted mothers are often more neglectful, forgetful, not using their best judgment, may leave their kids unattended more often, and will certainly expose their kids directly to their addiction lifestyle.  Children growing up in this environment are undoubtedly more at risk for developing addictions themselves, having behavior problems, and having many difficulties with relationships and stability as an adult. 

Can You Afford To Skip Drug Rehab

Do you know a woman like this, someone who needs the supportive community of a specialized drug rehab for women?  Are you this woman?  What will your life (or your loved one’s life) be like if you let your drug addiction continue without drug treatment

The Orchid Recovery Center for Women provides the ultimate drug rehab for women.  This facility and the entire treatment program is custom designed for the needs of women with addiction.  If that voice inside you is saying that it’s time, then answer that voice now.  What will happen if you don’t go to rehab?

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