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Individualized Addiction Treatment

Traditional treatment methods such as individual one-on-one therapy sessions are still an integral piece of the recovery process

“Individualized treatment” simply means that your treatment program as an Orchid client is customized specifically to your personal history, condition and needs. From your initial intake to your departure, you can be guaranteed that you will always be treated as a whole person, not a diagnosis.

One-on-one sessions with professional therapists play vital part in our program of healing. During these sessions, clients receive the individual attention needed to address their unique and personal recovery issues.

Under the guidance of trained and empathetic counselors, Orchid clients can explore personal histories, uncover deep-rooted beliefs, and resolve lifelong complications in a safe and nurturing place. This individual attention becomes especially powerful in the context of the other treatment and recovery activities at The Orchid.

The Orchid Model of drug treatment is unlike any other because of its unique focus on the needs of females suffering from the painful effects of drug addiction, alcoholism and unresolved trauma. The Orchid Model combines a variety of healing methods to restore a woman’s body, mind and soul. Services are provided by highly trained female staff, in an environment designed to be as healing as the treatments themselves.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Orchid Model is its focus on the unique ways in which women stumble from substance use to abuse and addiction. According to female-specific research, it can be said that many women engaging in addictive behavior suffer from pre-existing conditions, especially unresolved trauma from abuse or a psychiatric condition such as depression or bipolar disorder. The consequences of untreated trauma in early sobriety can be severe. Without the protective numbing of alcohol or drugs, newly sober women are often forced to confront painful feelings for the first time in years. Without simultaneous and effective treatment of this trauma, the woman can easily be driven back to continued use of drugs or alcohol.

The impact of untreated psychiatric conditions on newly recovering women can be equally severe. In both these cases, without simultaneous treatment and resolution of the underlying issue, the woman’s sobriety may be in serious jeopardy. That is why the Orchid model combines a variety of treatment modalities with traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy and twelve step work.

Through experiential group work, psychodrama, art therapy and family of origin work, women expose and process the trauma that lies at the root of their addictive behavior in a safe and healing environment. The Orchid Model also seeks to address co-occurring psychiatric conditions simultaneously with the treatment of the addiction. At the same time, clients engage in physical training, meditation, relational growth work, nutritional counseling, yoga and individual and group counseling that addresses all the areas in which healing must take place. In all these treatment modalities, the focus of Orchid’s individualized treatment remains on providing each recovering woman with all the help she needs to recover in body, mind and spirit.

The Orchid understands that early sobriety is an overwhelming time for our clients. These women are asked to adapt to a new environment, community and way of interacting with the world. Individual therapy sessions provide a safe and comfortable place to explore and integrate the recovery process for both clients and staff.For clients, individual therapy can be a safe place to explore the emotions that recovery has sparked. For Orchid, these individual therapy sessions are a valuable chance to ensure that we are providing our clients with the necessary support, and facilitating the kind of growth that will lead to a healthier life.

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