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Marijuana Addiction

There was a time the very notion of marijuana addiction was dismissed cavalierly even by professionals in the field. The reason was simple: with little hard evidence supporting the notion of THC as physically addictive, how could this label be credible? It took years of study in the field before the psychological community came to admit what so many people already suspected: marijuana addiction is real, and it is dangerous.

Marijuana addiction afflicts both sexes more or less equally. Women who are prone to this disease tend to come to it via different emotional pathways, however. Many studies underscore what makes the female experience unique: a preponderance of abuse narratives, anxiety disorders, and depressive issues. Needless to say, problems like these require a different set of recovery tools from the ones men typically prefer.

That’s where the Orchid Recovery Center comes in. Here you get nothing less than a sustaining, mutually beneficial program for women that emphasizes interdependence at its core. Dr. Karen Dodge has definitively demonstrated the power of community to women in recovery, and at Orchid we take such understanding one step further by weaving holistic therapy, yoga, and more into the mix. The result is the most complete, compassionate, and restorative program in the nation for women’s marijuana addiction.

There is simply no reason to suffer with poor motivation and memory loss on a daily basis. If you want to gain strength from a true community and avail yourself of deep professional expertise, we urge you to call or write today.

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