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Teen Drug Rehab Centers

Teen drug use beyond experimentation with alcohol and marijuana is becoming more and more common and alcohol and marijuana abuse effects are familiar in teenagers across the country. With it, comes the need for teen drug addiction interventions and interventions for alcoholism. Orchid Recovery Center is equipped to help women fight drug addiction.

Addiction Treatment for Your Teenager

There are a number of choices available to you in terms of drug addiction treatment facilities for your teen: outpatient drug treatment centers, day treatment facilities, residential treatment, and drug detox centers. At Orchid Recovery Center, we provide private drug detoxification and treatment at an inpatient residential private drug rehab for women. Our program speaks to the mental, emotional, social and physical aspects of drug addiction and abuse that are relevant to women. We provide 12-step drug treatment in addition to alternative therapies that include:

  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Artistic classes
  • Group counseling
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Holistic treatment
  • Compassionate exercises

Among women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, teenage women are welcome to come and learn the tools that they need to build up their defense to drug dependence and create a positive, drug-free life after rehab.

The Specific Needs of Women

Few drug addiction treatment centers are in tune with the specific needs of women as pertains to drug use and abuse. Certain marijuana abuse effects, effects of alcohol, heroin abuse effects, effects of meth and cocaine abuse effects are different for women than men. For example, the menstrual cycle can be affected or disrupted entirely with severe drug use. Also, some forms of cancer like breast cancer and ovarian cancer that are specific to women are also of higher risk to women who abuse drugs.

At Orchid Recovery Center, we are very aware of how drug abuse can hurt women and their families and we address those issues in treatment. In the same way, women often turn to drugs to deal with physical and sexual abuse and trauma. At Orchid Recovery, our treatment encompasses the woman as a whole-her social, emotional, mental and physical well being-by providing a variety of 12-step drug treatment approaches in addition to a number of holistic and alternative therapies.

A Brighter Future at Orchid Recovery Center

Our staff at Orchid Recovery Center are well-qualified to care for the needs of women undergoing the difficult process of drug detox and drug treatment. We provide group counseling and spiritual counseling as well as compassionate exercise, yoga, massage, acupuncture and more. When our patients leave, they have the tools they need to build a new life after rehab.

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