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Prescription Drug Rehab for Women

  • The Orchid is a prescription drug rehab center designed for the specific needs of women suffering from prescription drug addiction and unresolved trauma.
  • This program heals lives by addressing the unique and specific needs of drug dependent women.
  • These specific needs are addressed in an environment designed to foster a holistic restoration of a woman’s body, mind and spirit.
  • Our primary mission is to provide an opportunity for women to break the cycle of addiction and enjoy healthy, contented, serene and productive lives.
  • This mission informs and directs the entire Orchid program, from the design of the treatment facilities to our diverse treatment modalities.

The Orchid’s prescription drug treatment program was founded on the premise that men and women enter into addictions differently and that women in recovery have unique physical, psychological social and aesthetic needs. Physically, a woman’s body composition and hormonal balance differs from a man’s. These differences affect how drugs affect a woman’s body and have implications for the most effective treatment for recovering women.

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