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Symptoms of Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction

Millions of people use and abuse methamphetamines every day. Meth use is three times higher than heroin in the United States, and its users are defined by nothing: not age, nor race, nor gender. Every day, more and more people are trapped by the disease of methamphetamine addiction.

A drug that goes by a variety of names—crystal, ice, crank, meth, speed, et cetera—the initial effects of methamphetamines are extreme euphoria and pleasure. However, once these feelings have passed, the user will experience intense depression, a lack of energy and overwhelming sadness. This means that identifying the symptoms of methamphetamine abuse and addiction in your loved one can be difficult since they run the gamut.

No matter where you or your loved one are in the continuum of addiction, at Orchid Recovery Center, we can help. We provide crystal meth detox and crystal meth rehab to women who are suffering in the wake of addiction.

Symptoms of Methamphetamine Abuse: Experimental Use

In the experimental stage, there are a variety of different types of methamphetamine users. An experimental user can be anyone who uses meth for the pleasurable effects or the energy boost irregularly or only on specific occasions. Experimental users are not yet addicted. In this phase, people may experience stimulation, pleasure, euphoria, weight loss and insomnia. As they continue experimenting, their weight loss can become dangerously high and, if they stop taking it, they may experience muscle cramps, cravings, a decrease in energy levels and boredom. They may also have trouble finding pleasure in normal life and instead begin to rely upon methamphetamine for their pleasure.

Symptoms of Methamphetamine Abuse: Binge Use

A binge user of methamphetamine is one who takes meth more often than the experimental user but who isn’t a regular user yet. Because of the heightened levels of meth they are taking, they may experience violent tendencies, paranoid thoughts, anxiety, visual and auditory hallucinations, severe weight loss and difficulty concentrating or focusing on tasks. They may also become hyperactive and aggressive, even towards family members or friends.

Symptoms of Methamphetamine Addiction

Many of the basic symptoms of meth addiction are similar to those of other addictive drugs. For example, methamphetamine produces an initial pleasurable feeling in the user and a wakefulness that lasts for hours. Because meth acts as a stimulant on the human body, a user may feel inspired, happy and full of energy. But these feelings begin to fade within a few hours and soon, she will crash and feel tired, down and depressed. This up and down cycle is caused by chemical reactions and imbalances created in the body by the drug. Some of the more dangerous and painful side effects of meth abuse and use include things like psychosis, insomnia, stroke and even heart attack or heart failure, in addition to the other side effects including violent tendencies, aggressive thoughts or feelings, and hallucinations.

Crystal Meth Rehab at Orchid Recovery Center

Orchid, a drug rehab facility in South Florida, provides detox and treatment to women who are suffering from crystal meth abuse and addiction. Here at Orchid, we treat only women, so we know that women are especially susceptible to the allure of crystal meth, a drug that allows to seemingly accomplish everything expected of us. Unfortunately, the truth is that crystal meth addiction can take away everything we’ve worked for, and at Orchid Recovery Center, we’re here to help you get it all back and let go of crystal meth addiction forever. Contact us today for more information.

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