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Are You Depressed Or Just Bored In Addiction Recovery

Addiction has a lot of ups and downs – plenty of drama to go around for all.  As miserable as this can be for everyone involved, it does provide for a lot of excitement and intrigue.  So now that you have been to drug treatment and have been sober for a while, you have noticed your mood dipping somewhat.  Things just seem to drag on, you wonder what the point is half the time.  You are wondering if you’ve traded one form of misery for another.

Drama With Drug Addiction Fills Time

Let’s face it – drama creates activity, and activity helps the time pass.  Actively using drug addicts and alcoholics aren’t fond of being patient or delayed gratification.  The very act of rolling a joint, mixing up the drugs, getting the alcohol ready and poured, physically drinking it all day long, and running around town getting drugs creates quite a schedule of activity all day long.  If you lived that life and all that activity was removed from your schedule, you’d be faced with a pretty large void to fill.

Is It Depression Or Boredom

So is this truly a desperate time for you, facing the abyss of unfilled time before you?  Do you truly feel yourself slipping down the slope towards an aching depression with sleep problems, low self worth, increased sadness, appetite changes, and some suicidal thoughts?  Or could you simply be bored during your recovery?  Let me tell you, it is certainly possible to be depressed and have an addiction.  If that wasn’t addressed during your drug treatment period, contact someone from that facility immediately and tell them of your depression symptoms.

But also consider that you may have a very reasonable byproduct of dramatically removing the drama from your life – boredom.  In fact, occasional feelings of boredom would be far more common than true depression among people in addiction recovery.  Boredom and a somewhat letdown feeling can easily come after even joyous events such as weddings, graduations, and so on.  Drama is replaced by consistency and much fewer blips on the radar.

Add Fun And Healthy Activity Into Your Schedule

In order to adjust to the distinct lack of negative drama, you need to focus on putting some new healthy things in your schedule.  Put some fun things in there, too.  You need something to look forward to.  Positive anticipation and even some excitement is good to have.  Much better for you than all the drama.  When you start putting a few enjoyable things into your daily life, the clock will start to tick more quickly again.  Life will move forward, and you may just feel that gray cloud of boredom lift.

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