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Cocaine Detox

Cocaine detox programs have a single focus: to help you break your physical dependence upon cocaine with a minimum of negative physical withdrawal symptoms that would otherwise characterize the experience at home or without medical supervision. Some facilities provide detox services only, while others offer them in combination with cocaine addiction treatment. Still others focus on helping you detox off of stimulants specifically, though these are rare; most detox facilities focus either on opiate-based drugs like heroin or prescription painkillers or alcohol unless they offer detox services for the gamut of drugs of addiction.

Cocaine detox programs can be found isolated without any attached recovery services or integrated into a full drug rehabilitation program. The best cocaine detox programs are usually the first step in a comprehensive inpatient drug treatment program.

At Orchid Recovery Center, we provide detox services for women addicted to any drug including cocaine. Our staff is prepared to handle any and all complications as well as the multiple levels of experience that makes up a successful detox.

The Benefits

The benefits of kicking cocaine in a supervised detox program go well beyond the obvious. The obvious benefits, of course, are health related: no more bloody noses in public; no more risk of heart attack, seizures or coma; and a return to normal heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. The related benefits of cocaine detox, however, are almost too numerous to list: employment opportunities, a chance to rebuild familial relationships and friendships, financial prosperity, spiritual growth. Then there are all the unknown gains like the diseases you won’t contract because you won’t be in a situation to contract them or the goals or hobbies or interests you’ll discover, the new love you’ll meet or the child you’ll have. At Orchid Recovery Center, we want to help you define those indefinable benefits and create a life for yourself outside of cocaine addiction.

The Obstacles

Without a doubt, the largest obstacles facing you in any cocaine detox program are the withdrawal symptoms. Technically, a detox is the process of clearing out the toxins that have built up in your body. When you are addicted to coke, a detox not only triggers physical symptoms as you rid your body of the toxins that built up during your addiction, but it also triggers withdrawal symptoms that occur as a result of not maintaining a base level of cocaine in your system. These withdrawal symptoms can be intense, even devastating and if you don’t have the right supervision in a cocaine detox program, fighting the temptation to use is next to impossible.

When It’s Time To Go

There are a number of withdrawal symptoms that you will begin to experience within a couple of hours of your last line or hit of cocaine if you are addicted and try to stop taking the drug. A runny nose and nose bleeds are not uncommon as are headaches, irritability, sweating and insomnia. Bone and muscle aches may begin a few hours into the detox and the other symptoms will increase in severity until the crescendo and then plateau and remain for weeks at a time.

If you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using cocaine for any amount of time, then you are physically addicted and it’s time to get help. Some of the other symptoms that are a tip off that it’s time to go to a cocaine detox program include:

  • Restlessness and insomnia
  • Psychiatric disorders like anorexia, paranoia and cocaine psychosis
  • Fatigue and delirium
  • Mood swings including irritability, anxiety and deep depression
  • Psychological and physical cravings
  • Seizures
  • Muscle and bone aches

Only enrolling in a supervised cocaine detox program like Orchid Recovery Center will allow you to detox off of cocaine with minimal discomfort. If you need it, medical prescriptions are provided to help you through the roughest symptoms and other treatment services at Orchid Recovery Center like acupuncture, gentle exercise and stretching, massage therapy and a healthy diet will help you through the rest.

If you’re ready to trade your addiction to cocaine for an addiction to a healthy lifestyle then give Orchid Recovery Center a call and get started on your cocaine detox program as soon as possible.

Is Detox Purely Physical?

No. Cocaine detox definitely has significant physical withdrawal symptoms as described above, but the experience is not purely physical. Part of the appeal of cocaine is its high, a euphoric feeling that occurs when a large amount of “happy” chemicals are released in the brain all at once. Unfortunately, rather than being reabsorbed into the system and made available for reuse as they would if they had been released by natural causes, they stay depleted for a longer time resulting in a deep depression when you ‘crash’ or stop the forced release of those chemicals by taking more cocaine. These emotional and mental withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine detox can be the most lethal if they are strong enough to make you feel suicidal.

Is It Enough to Treat My Addiction to Cocaine?

No. Cocaine detox is enough to help you break your physical dependence upon the drug so that you are no longer experience the withdrawal symptoms or feel sick without using. However, it does not treat the mental and emotional reasons that may have started you using in the first place, nor does it provide you with the tools you will need to thwart relapse when you feel tempted to get high when you return home—and you will feel tempted. Drug addictionhas no cure, but drug addiction treatment is available. Detox is part of that treatment but it is incomplete unless followed up by drug rehab.

Cocaine Detox at Orchid Recovery Center

Orchid Recovery Center provides a cocaine rehab for women who are struggling with cocaine addiction. Our cocaine rehab is safe and efficient, providing a cocaine detox that is immediately followed up by cocaine addiction treatment. If your loved one is addicted to cocaine and you need help staging a cocaine intervention, we can help you by answering your questions or providing a professional interventionist. If you have any questions about our cocaine detox or cocaine rehab, contact us at Orchid Recovery Center today for more information.If you’re ready to trade your addiction to cocaine for an addiction to a healthy lifestyle then give Orchid Recovery Center a call and get started on your cocaine detox program as soon as possible.

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