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Women and Methamphetamine

Women and methamphetamineMethamphetamine is a drug that can cause severe problems in the life of anyone who uses it and that includes women. And unfortunately for women, the rates of methamphetamine use are much higher than for other classes of drugs. Women who are addicted to methamphetamine tend to have histories of physical and sexual abuse. Unfortunately women who are addicted methamphetamine also tend to have problems with depression, anxiety, and self-esteem too. All of this fuels a negative cycle of addiction. That is why the treatment goals, more often than not, when it comes to women and methamphetamine are designed to address the specific challenges associated with methamphetamine use and women, as well as women and their children.

So why are the rates of methamphetamine use higher in women?

  • There are many factors that come into play and result in women using methamphetamine or crystal meth. Here are some of the biggest reasons why women use meth:
  • Their boyfriend introduces them to it. This is so common among women and not just with drug methamphetamine but also with opiates, cocaine and even pot. Trying methamphetamine when introduced by a boyfriend creates the illusion of bonding and affection. Especially when the boyfriend says something like, “We can have a great time.”
  • Methamphetamine can help women to eat less and lose weight. Unfortunately using methamphetamine to lose weight is extremely dangerous and unhealthy but it is one of the biggest reasons women use it.
  • Methamphetamine or crystal meth increases energy and reduces fatigue significantly. Many women face the challenge of raising a family while also working full time, cooking and cleaning. In early stages of use, methamphetamine may be used as a way to keep up with it all and its addictive potential may not be totally realized.
  • Methamphetamine provides emotional relief. Women are emotional creatures, there is no denying that. And methamphetamine is a way to escape painful feelings and situations. There is a lot of evidence that suggests addicts not just women have past and current situations where they experience very high rates of abuse to get out of their feelings. Methamphetamine also deceives these women addicts into thinking that the drug is the solution to their problem and that the feelings associated with the pain or situation are actually gone.

So now that we know why women use methamphetamine, what effects can it have on their life?

Women and methamphetamine: Their relationships with their partners

Women who are using methamphetamine and are in relationships tend to be in relationship characterized by physical violence and emotional abuse. Usually their partner is a methamphetamine addict too. Addicted men may demand riskier sexual acts of their female partners. Women who don’t want to engage in it may be subject to physical violence. Methamphetamine can also promote sexual experimentation and acting promiscuous that can lead to the transmission of sexual diseases. Also, the paranoia of long-lasting addiction to meth can create a perfect environment for domestic abuse and violence.

Women and methamphetamine: Relationships with their children

It is nearly impossible to function properly on methamphetamine much less function as a parent when addicted to methamphetamine. The paranoia, anxiety, and irritability due to methamphetamine use can seriously impair anyone’s good parenting skills. Not only that but extended runs also known as “binges” can cause women to disappear for days on end or during which time little attention is given to food, sleep or hygiene, safety and well-being of children. Usually a mother’s meth addiction will cause children’s protective services to become involved and many mothers’ lose custody of their children.

All of this can cause tremendous guilt and shame in women who are using methamphetamine and it can also profoundly and deeply affect their self-esteem. That is why a women’s treatment center for those women on meth is specifically designed to help women heal, rebuild, gain inner strength again and also address their parenting issues.

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