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How 12 Step Programs Will Ruin Your High

My relapse was ruined by my initial recovery! For anyone who has ever relapsed, or maybe even spent enough time in 12 Step fellowship meetings to hear some solution, you know well how much it sucks to be drinking or getting high and have the 12 Steps and principles of the program running laps in . . . . Continue Reading

Will They Get You High Before You Get Them Sober?

The twelfth step of 12 Step recovery is all about “giving back.” We hear it in meetings all the time and our sponsors reinforce it with us: “We keep what we have only by giving it away.” And, after all, it was given to us so freely. What all of this means, generally speaking is . . . . Continue Reading

6 Things to Do After You Relapse

After relapses a lot of us don’t know what to do with ourselves next – what steps do we take? It can be a very difficult time for you and it can be helpful to have a guide in what you should do next. I’ve thought of 6 things to do after a relapse. 6 . . . . Continue Reading

10 Signs You Need to Get Back on Your Program

We all go through rough times in our recovery, it’s perfectly normal to not always have it all together. But, when does it become an issue and a danger to your sobriety? I’ve thought of 10 signs you need to get back on your program. 10 Signs You Need to Get Back on Your Program… . . . . Continue Reading

10 Recovery Relationship Red Flags You’re Probably Ignoring

Sometimes (especially in recovery) we can be blind to the truth in a relationship and it can be hard to see the red flags or signs that things aren’t healthy. It’s difficult to take a step back and be able to judge a situation that you are emotionally attached to. Even if you are to . . . . Continue Reading

How You Think You Look When You’re Using vs. How You REALLY Look

As women, when we are drinking or getting high we seem to be a little bit delusional in what we think we look like. When I was in my active addiction, I thought I looked so good and had my s*** together all the time. That was definitely not the case. I’ve thought of how . . . . Continue Reading

7 Things I Learned in My First Year of Sobriety

Looking back on my first year of sobriety, there are many different things I learned that have a huge part of me being sober today. I’ve thought of 7 things I learned in my first year of sobriety that I find to be helpful to anyone – new in recovery or an old-timer! 7 Things . . . . Continue Reading

10 Surprising Things That Happen When You Get Out of Rehab

After you leave rehab you are definitely in for a long bumpy (but happier) road in your life. There are parts of leaving rehab that are great and parts that are no so great. I’ve made a list of 10 surprising things that happen when you get out of rehab. I split the lists into . . . . Continue Reading

New Anti-Cocaine Vaccine in the Works

Scientists have established a drug that successfully stops cocaine from reaching the brain, according to new research in monkeys. The study, printed in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, shows that the vaccine works by eating “up the cocaine in the blood like a little Pac-man before it can reach the brain,” study researcher Dr. Ronald G. Crystal, . . . . Continue Reading

Big Pharma and the Rise of ADHD

You always hear your grandparents talking about how “back in their day, when a kid had ADHD he was just considered hyper,” now-a-days that isn’t the case at all. When a child or any one has ADHD it is very common practice to start them on medication. Big Pharma is the nickname given to the . . . . Continue Reading

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