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Mexico Patents Heroin Addiction Vaccine

Mexico announced that it had secured the patent on a vaccine against heroin addiction. Though it will take about five years worth of studies and tests before it is ready to use on humans, the hope is that this will mean great strides in the fight against opiate addiction in the country and around the world.

Lesbian Couples’ Fight Over Heroin Addiction Ends in Death

It’s not uncommon for heroin addiction to tear couples apart. Whether both are using or just one person, it’s difficult to remain functional and communicative when heroin is a part of the picture.

Etta James: A Heroin Addiction Recovery Success Story

Etta James, the legendary singer, passed away this month, leaving behind a library of incredible music and a success story to inspire any woman in recovery. The 73-year-old singer infamously struggled with dependence upon multiple drugs during her career but ultimately overcame addiction. Unlike most who live through what she experienced with drugs, James did . . . . Continue Reading

Mother Charged with Giving Her Baby Methadone

It’s not an uncommon scenario: a woman addicted to heroin realizes that she is pregnant. Unable to stop abusing heroin on her own and in fear for her baby’s life, mother seeks help from doctors. Because of the great deal of knowledge we now have about the nature of opiate addiction and its effects on . . . . Continue Reading

Drummer Patty Schemel Talks About Life After Heroin Addiction

Drummer Patty Schemel once played for the band Hole and is the focus of a new documentary called Hit So Hard: The Life and Near Death Story of Patty Schemel. Now screening at film festivals across the country, the documentary tells the tale of Schemel’s experiences in a famous band and her struggles with heroin . . . . Continue Reading

Baltimore Still Needs Heroin Addiction Treatment Help

Heroin addiction is a problem across the United States but for years, Baltimore City has been called the Heroin Capital of the US. The latest research says that a great deal of progress has been made in the last few years in terms of lowering the number of those living with active heroin addictions, those . . . . Continue Reading

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