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Let Your Inner Phoenix Out


Let Your Inner Phoenix Out

For those of you who are unfamiliar with or who need a refresher about, the story of the phoenix comes from Greek mythology and is the story of a bird that bursts into flames and then rises again from the ashes. It’s a symbol of rebirth, change, renewal, and most of all, rising above – any obstacle or adversity.

For those of you on the daily grind (i.e. everyone), the smallest of irritations can get us all a fluster, causing us to expend our precious energy on getting angry at stupid things and people. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Take back your power and let your inner phoenix out.

Here are 5 steps to reclaim your power:

#1. Acceptance – of the situation and person(s) involved

Easier said than done, yes, but, after the initial irritation or anger (depending on the severity of the infraction), decide to completely accept the situation as it is. Let go of your need to control the other person.

Now, this isn’t the kind of thing that you just say, “OK I accept this.” This sort of thing will take time and practice to be able to do and it has to be a genuine, internalization of acceptance. Ways to support you in achieving this are practicing meditation, breathing techniques, and yoga.

#2. Managing expectations

Once you feel like you’ve fully accepted the situation and/or person as they are (think: it is what it is), then it’s time to get clear with yourself about what your expectations are and how you can manage them better. Basically, it’s about being open to learning a lesson from the experience.

However, be careful not to focus on the situation or the other person’s behavior because these are the things you cannot control. If you’re not careful, you could be assuming the role of victim, which will never allow you to grow from these things.

#3. Decide what steps to take

Once you know what you want, such as how you can better deal with a similar situation in the future, ask yourself what steps you have to take to have that happen.

Keep in mind that, for the most part, the steps we have to take usually take us out of our comfort zone. We may have to compromise and even sacrifice something — maybe a relationship, or a job. Be prepared for fear to pop up at this point.

You are well on your way to taking back your power; now you can take that deep acceptance and turn it into empowered action.

#4. Write or journal

Write down all the excuses you have – usually self-limiting beliefs – as to why you can’t take these steps to create what you want. For each one, ask yourself, “Is this really true?” and, “What’s the worst that could happen if I did such-and-such?” Usually, the worst thing that can happen is *just* a bruised ego.

Go through all the reasons you have written down and throw out the ones that are simply not true. Now you’re left with just the reasons why you can’t take those steps, which most likely have to do with logic and logistics, such as lack of enough money or time. Then, start strategizing on ways to find solutions to these…

#5. Find a workaround

No matter how desperate the situation, there are always solutions or workarounds. No matter what the reason is that you can’t create what you want, there’s a solution, if you’re willing to look for it and make it happen. As the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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