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Finding The Truth At Drug Rehab

When you have a drug addiction, the truth seems to be hard to pin down.  Is it what your addiction thinking is telling you?  Your spouse?  Your friends?  Your probation officer?  What you see with your own eyes?  Your drug addiction has made you nearly unrecognizable to those who love you most.  Now that you are facing drug rehab, you are starting to wonder who’s right.

Drug Addiction Makes You Believe Anything To Keep It Going

Most people really want to believe they are right most of the time.  Even when they make mistakes, people want to think (at least for a while) that they couldn’t help it or that they thought they were doing something OK.  Facing the truth when something has gone wrong is a difficult thing for any human being to do.

When you’ve had a drug addiction, you are likely to believe that there is a good reason for any problem you have.  Either you didn’t know, it wasn’t your business, it wasn’t someone else’s business, you were just trying to, someone did something to you first, it wasn’t fair anyway, or it’s all being blown out of proportion.  In many cases, this is stuff your addiction thinking is telling you so that you can keep your addiction going.  As long as you aren’t facing the truth of your problem, the train wreck can continue. 

Friends and Family See A Different Reality

But to your friends and family, they probably don’t understand what’s going on.  Yes, maybe you had some bad luck with jobs or relationships for a while.  Or things got tough with the economy, or you had trouble recovering after your car accident.  But why turn to drugs??  

They tell you all these changes they’ve seen in you, how worried they are, how fed up they are, how your life is going downhill and how you need drug treatment.  These two worlds seem so far apart, but both sides believe they are talking about the truth.  How could this be?

The entire purpose of addiction thinking is to let you continue the addiction, no matter how off-track the logic needs to be.  It convinces you that what everyone else is saying can’t be true, or at least isn’t as bad as they say.  You don’t want drug treatment, you want your drug.  Maybe you realize that things aren’t what they used to be, but no one else understands.  No one else could possibly know what your truth is.

Addicts Drug Rehab Understand Your Truth

At drug rehab, you are likely to find many people who understand your truth.  Addiction thinking has been working on them like it has been working on you.  Whatever it takes to keep you hooked and working for the drug, your brain will say.  It will help you block out what everyone else sees and make it difficult to connect your situation with your drug use. 

While you and your loved ones may not both see the same truth, your truth is no less real to you.  That may seem confusing, but just think about it.  All the pain that lead you to use, the choices you’ve made, the numbness, the highs, all of that is real – a truth to you.  It’s not so much that one of the truths has to be wrong.  Making them connect with each other is what’s important. 

Drug Rehab Puts Big Picture of Truth Together

Seeing both truths and how they fit together is what helps a person recover from their drug addiction.  Drug treatment helps you bring that big picture together one piece at a time.  Both truths are real, and you can learn how to make sense of them in drug rehab.

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