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6 Signs You’re Addicted to Drama

6 Signs You’re Addicted to Drama

Drama queen. You’ve heard the term before. Maybe you’ve used it to describe someone else, someone who always seems so emotional, even about the smallest things, who blows things out of proportion, or seems to always be going through some kind of crisis. These are perhaps the more obvious signs of someone who is addicted to drama. There are a few other indications, perhaps not so apparent, that drama is your number one priority in life. Here are 6 signs you’re addicted to drama, even though you might not consider yourself a ‘drama queen.’

1. You love to gossip

Anytime you hear something about someone through the grapevine, your first thought is, “Who can I tell this to?” You immediately reach for the phone to either call or text one of your friends with this latest juicy tidbit. Also see #4.

2. You create needless drama in your life

You’re a ‘pot-stirrer.’ Things are smooth sailing and you can’t stand it. You go about making problems where there currently are none. For example, your partner doesn’t answer when you call. Instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt as to why they missed your call, you send a barrage of angry texts and can’t wait to see give them a piece of your mind when they get home.

3. You air your personal business in public

Whether it’s good or bad, and being a drama addict, it’s usually bad, you take to the public arena either social media or even being physically out in public with your so-called drama. You crave attention to insist that you’re loved or that people are concerned for you. You don’t mind showing your a$$.

4. You’re glued to social media and relish in the juicy stuff

Speaking of social media, another one of the signs you’re addicted to drama is that you actively seek out any kind of gossipy, dramatic fodder that you can find online. If one of your friends posts a cryptic message, you immediately think the worst and probably go about spreading some kind of way-off-base story based on your own version of what transpired.

5. You have a tendency toward over reacting

Instead of taking the ‘high road’ by opting for the most rational explanation, you opt for histrionic, over-the-top behavior. Whenever there is any little hiccup in your plans, it’s like the worst thing that could ever happen, according to you, the drama queen. Another sign that you’re addicted to drama is that you make mountains out of mole hills.

6. You are always in the middle of a crisis

Clearly a sign you’re a drama addict, acting/thinking/feeling like you’re always in the middle of a crisis is probably the number one giveaway. Every day is ‘the worstttt’ and you think that this sh*t only seems to happen to you. There’s this thing called the Law of Attraction, perhaps you’ve heard of it? What it means, in a nutshell, is that you see and perceive things based on your outlook. So, if your outlook is one of negativity and drama, well of course that is always what you will see and experience.

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