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23 Awesome Things to Be Happy About Today

23 Awesome Things to Be Happy About Today

Next time you think you have nothing to be grateful for, try this: think of all the *little* things you encounter on a daily basis that just seem to make your day – even if you happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Yeah, you might be dealing with some tough stuff or, you might feel like nothing’s going right. But, I dare you…no, I triple-dog dare you (that’s right, I went straight for the throat) to take a moment and think about all the awesome little things that make you crack a smile, no matter how bad of a mood you’re in. Just see how hard it is to stay in your sh*t when you are willing to shift your perspective. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, here are 23 awesome things to be happy about today:

#1. When the milk isn’t expired – look, sometimes the date on that milk jug isn’t so accurate. All I can say is, it’s nice to have fresh, curdle-free milk on your cereal, in your coffee, or in your glass.

#2. When a package comes that you were expecting (or not expecting) – either way, getting mail is awesome. Especially if it’s a package. What is it? I don’t know! Let’s open it up and see!

#3. When you find a mate to your favorite sock that’s been missing – you’ve been refusing to throw away that lone sock, the one whose mate you can’t seem to find. Weeks, maybe months go by and, just when you think all faith is lost, it turns up in your last load of laundry. Or your car trunk. This might have happened to me. No questions, please.

#4. When your socks match – sometimes, when #3 happens a lot, you get in the habit of wearing mismatched socks. It’s great when your long-lost socks are reunited and you can wear matching socks again. Maybe you like wearing mismatched socks, thou. More power to you.

#5. When your favorite TV show is on – especially if you forget what night it is. You’re flipping through the channels, not expecting anything good to be on when…AHHHH the heavens open up and shine down and through your TV screen your ultimate, favorite show. (OK, that’s a bit dramatic but, you get it).

#6. When you go to the store and there’s only one left of whatever you’re looking for and it’s your size. Boom.

#8. Your favorite store is having a sale – nuff said.

#9. Your favorite song comes on the radio – rarely do I listen to the radio these days but, if my phone battery is low, I might put on the radio. And there’s just something awesome about hearing your favorite song come on randomly, instead of selecting the song you wanna hear.

#10. Heated seats on a cold day – a personal favorite.

#11. A good night’s sleep – nothing like feeling refreshed when you wake up.

#12. A fuzzy pair of socks –we often forget to pamper our feet. Which is crazy because they probably take the biggest beating on a daily basis. Think about it. We’re on our feet all day and probably not wearing “sensible” shoes.

#13. When you’re thinking about someone and they call/text you – it feels good to know that you are being thought of, too and that there’s some kind of psychic connection or bond between you two.

#14. The elevator is already at your floor when you push the button – no waiting!

#15. You hit all the green traffic lights on your morning commute to work – this. This is just awesome. Especially if you’re like me, and you’re running late (all the time).

#16. Dipping your feet in the pool/a warm bath – on a hot day, it feels nice to dip your toes in cool, refreshing water. At the end of the day, giving yourself a nice, hot footbath is hard to top!

#17. Passing a bakery and getting a nose-full of yummy “baked-goods air” – it may be tempting to go buy one of said baked goods but, that smell….there’s a reason they make all kinds of candle scents inspired by baked goods.

#18. You’re doing laundry and you find money in your jeans pocket – it’s like free money…bonus!

#19. Having exact change when you buy something at the store – there’s just something so right with the Universe when this happens.

#20. That satisfied feeling you get when you pop bubble wrap – no explanation needed.

#21. The other side of the pillow – you know, flipping over your pillow to find the cool side.

#22. Finally getting that popcorn kernel out of your teeth when it’s been stuck there for a really long time – you’ve been tonguing that damn piece all day, driving yourself crazy. Suddenly, it comes loose! What a great feeling.

#23. The first shower after not having taken one for a long time – maybe you were on a camping trip, maybe you didn’t have to be anywhere for a couple of days and so you decided to “slum it.” Whatever your reason for not showering (we won’t judge), there’s nothing like that first, refreshing and thorough scrub.

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