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Healing Sound Therapy

The therapeutic sounds used in our Healing Sound Therapy can lead to reduced stress, a feeling of restfulness and inner peace.

Healing Sound Therapy represents another way in which the Orchid’s philosophy of holistic healing is used to support the physical, mental and spiritual growth of our clients. Healing Sound Therapy uses harmonic sound to help women reduce stress and create a sense of safety within and around themselves.

Traditional spiritual and healing practices have recognized the power of sound for thousands of years. Chants, church bells, drumbeats and sung or spoken rituals have been used to alter moods, create different energy states and to facilitate communication with spiritual powers throughout human history. All these practictioners have intuitively understood that sound represents energy, energy which can be transmitted and used by humans to reach higher levels of health and consciousness.

Today, scientists increasingly recognize the value of these ancient sound therapy techniques. Research shows that the use of ancient practices like chanted mantras and the harmonic ringing of Tibetan “singing bowls” can increase relaxation, reduce stress levels and actually help change brainwave patterns to those of a meditative state.

Singing Bowls Therapy

singing bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowl

At The Orchid, we guide our clients through the use of “singing bowls” Healing Sound Therapy to assist meditation and achieve a relaxed, harmonic state of healing and peace. In traditional Tibetan practice these crystal bowls are rubbed with a felt covered mallet. This causes them to emit a sound that is believed to correspond to the harmonic frequencies of the human body’s seven energy centers, or chakras. Playing the crystal bowls while engaging in a guided meditation helps is believed to bring these energy centers into greater alignment, helping to calm the recovering woman’s anxiety, induce a meditative state and create a healing sense of peace.

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