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Dr. Karen Dodge – Addiction Treatment Specialist

The Orchid Model’s of treatment and women’s health is based on the insights of Dr. Karen Dodge. Dr. Dodge developed her female centered treatment approach while completing her doctorate in social work at Florida International University in the 1990’s. As she begin her research into female drug abuse trends, she discovered that an intuition she had as felt as a substance abuse counselor a decade earlier was supported by her research.

Specifically, Dr. Dodge discovered that there was a lack of addiction research conducted specifically on women. And that the research that existed pointed to a high corroboration between addiction and some specific consequences. For instance, Dr. Dodge discovered that addiction in women was more likely to be associated with low self esteem, lack of traditional job skills, depression and most importantly a lack of a social support network.

Inspired by Dr. Dodge’s work, The Orchid has developed a philosophy is based on relational growth. In this model, women accelerate the healing process by learning to rely closely on one another in addiction treatment, building community and trust. At The Orchid, we agree with Dr. Dodge’s assessment of the importance of a social support network, and believe that an interdependent and trusting community of women can create a nucleus to more effectively build sobriety around.