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What True Emotional Strength Looks Like

What are the signs of emotional strength? When most of us think of the word “strength,” we think of power and force. Therefore, emotional strength might be perceived as being cold and detached from the harsh realities of life. However, this is far from an emotional strength. Emotional strength has more to do with being . . . . Continue Reading

The Royal Trio: William, Kate and Harry Weigh In On Mental Health

Mental health stigmas are not something that affects only the general population; it affects royalty too. In fact, the royal trio—Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry marked World Mental Health Day by celebrating with charities under the Heads Together coalition. Kate, along with William and Harry joined others for an exclusive party at Country Hall, . . . . Continue Reading

Are We Overlooking The Benzo Addiction Epidemic?

With all the headlines regarding opioid addiction and overdoses recently, another epidemic hides in the shadows: benzos abuse. Benzodiazepine misuse and addiction remain serious problems, and there has been a sharp rise in benzos prescribing. In fact, a study, published in the American Journal of Public Health in April of 2016, found that benzos were . . . . Continue Reading

5 Things You Should Know About Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is one of the most stigmatized mental illnesses out there. The media has depicted schizophrenia in a very dramatic way in television shows, movies, and talk shows. The stigmas perpetuating schizophrenia make someone with the condition even less likely to seek treatment for the disorder. Here are five things you should know about schizophrenia. . . . . Continue Reading

A New Approach to Binge Eating Disorder Treatment?

Do you struggle with binge eating? Don’t worry. You are not alone.  It is estimated that compulsive binge eating affects approximately 15 million people in the United States. Because of these startling numbers, we are always looking at different kinds of studies that explore treatment for binge eaters.  Now, a new treatment may help compulsive . . . . Continue Reading

The Three Kinds of Depressive Episodes

  If you struggle with depression, you more than anyone that depression is far from just normal sadness. Depression is a disease. Unfortunately, most people do not look at it that way. The medical community describes depression as a “treatable medical condition. “ However, because the condition is so heavily stigmatized, people can go years . . . . Continue Reading

4 Ways We Reject Love and Why

Do you reject love? If the answer is no, you might be in denial. Most people do not naturally reject love, but subconsciously we might be doing just that. The good news is by learning behaviors that push away potential partners; we can shift those behaviors and improve the dynamics of our relationship. More importantly, . . . . Continue Reading

Michelle Obama: Mental Illness Should Carry No Stigma

Michelle Obama slammed mental health stigmas in the October issue of Prevention magazine. In the interview, First Lady Michelle Obama tackles mental health stigmas and the negative stereotypes associated with mental illness. Often those who desperately need to get treatment do not get the help they need out of fear. They feel like others will . . . . Continue Reading

Pop-Up Safe Injection Site Hits Vancouver

Vancouver is testing a new operation to combat the drug overdose epidemic: pop-up safe injection sites. The small operation consists of a couple of people trained in CPR, chair, clean needles and Narcan (aka naloxone). Just recently, Vice reported that a “harm reduction tent” had been set up for a week now in downtown Vancouver. . . . . Continue Reading

Anne Hathaway Battles Alcoholism and a Giant Monster In ‘Colossal’ Movie

Attention Hathahaters: Anne Hathaway is not going anywhere. In fact, Hathaway stars in ‘Colossal,’ a movie about a big, Godzilla-style beast that is destroying Seoul, South Korea. However, there is a much fiercer monster Hathaway’s character is battling at home: her alcoholism. At first, many will hear about Colossal and think it is another blockbuster . . . . Continue Reading