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Actress Liza Minnelli Returns to Rehab

Actress Liza Minnelli has entered a Malibu rehab facility for her addictions, a spokesman said. The 69-year-old actress, singer, dancer, and choreographer has struggled with alcohol and drug addictions in the past. She is one of the few artists to win an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy and a Grammy. Perhaps her greatest role was . . . . Continue Reading

Wonder Woman 18 Years Super-Sober

The Amazon warrior princess who wore a star-spangled corset and accessorized with indestructible gold bracelets has for a long time been a powerful punch in the arena of DC comics, and the name Wonder Woman says it all. Complete with the ‘Lasso of Truth’ and an invisible jet, this beautiful heroine has historically fought for . . . . Continue Reading

Let Your Inner Phoenix Out

  For those of you who are unfamiliar with or who need a refresher about, the story of the phoenix comes from Greek mythology and is the story of a bird that bursts into flames and then rises again from the ashes. It’s a symbol of rebirth, change, renewal, and most of all, rising above . . . . Continue Reading

Cure for Addiction and Anxiety in Genetics

For a long time there has been a great deal of work put into trying to discover the exact link between our genetics, or mental health and our addictions. The answer has been pondered, studied, and speculated as a major factor in how we can trace and treat mental illness, behavioral impulses, and even problems . . . . Continue Reading

5 Tips For Surviving Detox at An All-Women’s Facility

(This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model) The number one reason that people put off treatment is their fear of the withdrawal symptoms they will inevitably experience. Thankfully, there is detox at an at all women’s facility that can treat you medically for your . . . . Continue Reading

Smoking Marijuana Reshapes Your Brain

Given the status of the refer revolution that seems to be taking place in many places across the country as a result of the pot policy reforms that have been shaping up since the November midterm elections, it should seem relevant that people be more aware of the impact that this particular drug can have . . . . Continue Reading

Zoe Kravitz Talks Struggles with Eating Disorder

Lately there has been plenty in the news about celebrities both in recovery and in active addiction, be it drugs and alcohol or compulsive disorders like an eating disorder or gambling addiction. There have been some celebrities opening up about their experience with eating disorders and sharing their experience in efforts to raise awareness, and . . . . Continue Reading

Helping Women Recover

(This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model) An anti-drug coalition in Tennessee, called The Jackson-Madison County Anti-Drug Coalition, will be hosting its annual event this coming Thursday, March 12. Each year, the coalition hosts an event of rising importance in the addiction treatment community. . . . . Continue Reading

The ‘True Blood’ Actors True Stories of Addiction

The popular fiction phenomenon True Blood is an American television drama series based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris, that made a huge impact on the HBO network’s line-up back when it premiered September 7, 2008. The series was nominated for, and won, several awards including Emmys and Golden Globes before it concluded on August 24, 2014. . . . . Continue Reading

1 in 8 Addicted to Smartphones

At this point you may have been thoroughly convinced that smartphone addiction exists in some way or another. So many people seem to be absolutely consumed by the tiny screens in their pockets, and the plethora of social media and online gaming options that spring to life from that little device every moment of the . . . . Continue Reading