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Medical Marijuana to Treat Menstrual Cramps?

With several states in the country legalizing marijuana, either medically or recreationally, many are trying to get their hands on the expanding market. Whoopi Goldberg has been a long-time advocate of marijuana use. In an interview to Vanity Fair, Goldberg announced that she plans to launch a medical marijuana line to treat menstrual cramps. The . . . . Continue Reading

New Drug Could Prevent Meth and MDMA-Induced Deaths

It’s that time of the year again. The time when all the music festivals take place across the world. However, along with the music and dancing comes an increase of people using drugs like ecstasy or molly. In fact, MDMA and meth are staples at many electronic music festivals. Unfortunately, the music festival environment is a . . . . Continue Reading

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People

In my course of doing research, I’ve stumbled about countless articles that reveal how to be successful, break habits and reach our career aspiration. Recently, I finally ran into an article that did the exact opposite. Instead, it explained the seven habits of highly ineffective people. Sometimes it helps to see things from our perspective. . . . . Continue Reading

Why Are More Women Binge Drinking?

Women in recovery have been stigmatized for decades. For a while, there was an assumption that it was unladylike for a female to drink in excess. Therefore, it was difficult for a woman to admit that she was struggling with her drinking. However, in recent years, it has become more common for women to drink . . . . Continue Reading

5 Ways to Use Your Energy More Wisely

The way we spend our energy is a fundamental component to our success. What you choose to focus on shifts your frame of mind to either a negative or positive space. As you become busier and more overwhelmed, you may find yourself focusing on the negative, rather than the positive. However, the busier you are, . . . . Continue Reading

How Surfing Can Help in Recovery

In recovery, the stress of everyday life can be overwhelming. Whether we experience family, financial or work-related stress, sometimes it ‘s nice to have a release. That’s why some recovering addicts turn to surfing for a release. Those who surf find it helps them think more clearly, examine problems and find solutions. Despite the few . . . . Continue Reading

Alexa PenaVega Opens Up About Bulimia Recovery

Take it from me, eating disorders are no joke. Eating disorders like bulimia wreak havoc on the body months, even years into recovery. Still, recovering from an eating disorder is such an enormous gift of health to your body. That’s why, Alexa PenaVega, known for her role in Spy Kids and a recent stint in . . . . Continue Reading

Demi Lovato Celebrates Four Years Of Sobriety

Demi Lovato has always been candid about her struggles with addiction and eating disorders. In the past, she has spoken out to the media about her insecurities and the ups and down of her recovery from substance abuse, bipolar disorder, and bulimia. Fortunately, these days the singer has something to feel proud of: her four . . . . Continue Reading

4 Brain Boosting Habits Worth Spending Time On

The way you spend your free time can change your life. After all, hobbies help build our persona and formulate our interests. Hobbies can also increase our mood and ward off depression. The best and healthiest hobbies are ones that boost up the brain’s cognitive abilities. Instead of sitting in front of the television and . . . . Continue Reading

3 Mental Health Myths Debunked

With the internet, we can find answers to our questions with the click of a button. However, sometimes too much information can be worse than no information at all. Anyone who has gone online can attest to that. Medical information online is a great tool because it allows us to become informed before seeing our . . . . Continue Reading