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New App Developed to Stop People from Driving on Marijuana

Marijuana reform is on the rise, and if you haven’t noticed than let us be the firm to let you know drugged driving is quickly becoming a popular concern, especially in the states that have already approved legislation for legalization. With the topic there comes a tirade of debate as people argue whether drugged driving . . . . Continue Reading

Using Yoga to Fight Eating Disorders

Yoga is a practice founded in spirituality, philosophy and physical disciplines taught in a broad variety of schools as aspects of many religions. Depending on the school of thought you follow, according to certain definitions, yoga can be given a different purpose but in most translations it is about making connections using mind, body and . . . . Continue Reading

MTV True Life Show Seeking Flakka Addicts

Flakka is a synthetic cathinone drug called alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone (alpha-PVP) that has gained a lot of attention nation-wide for its dramatic and horrific effects on the individuals who have used the drug and acted out in bizarre and even psychotic and violent ways. Now according to MTV’s “Casting Calls” page, the popular network now known for . . . . Continue Reading

4 Factors of Suicide Risk in Addiction

Feeling lost and hopeless isn’t that outlandish of a concept to someone who has found themselves in the strangling hold of substance abuse. A developed dependence on drugs or alcohol to feel anything at all, or to avoid feeling at all costs, comes with a heavy price and far too often an addict will pay . . . . Continue Reading

Venti Vape: Smoking Coffee with E-Cigs

Anyone else been waiting for an easier, more sleek and stylish way to get their morning coffee?! Nah… me neither. But apparently drinking coffee is SO 2014, because the infamous vape phenomenon that has changed the tobacco industry seemingly overnight and revolutionized the way kids are ingesting harmful drugs is at it again, bringing your . . . . Continue Reading

6 Things to Look for in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis describes the coexisting struggle with both mental illness and drug/alcohol addiction. The relationship between the two is very complex, and a lot of the time people confuse the symptoms of one for another, so the treatment of people with dual diagnosis issues is more complicated than the treatment of either mental illness of addiction . . . . Continue Reading

Real Housewives’ Kim Richards Opens Up About Relapse

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a reality television series that originally premiered back on October 14, 2010 as the sixth installment of the Real Housewives franchise, with 5 seasons starring a cast of upscale house wives who found themselves in constant throes of glitz, glamour and drama. One star of the series Kim Richards recently opened up . . . . Continue Reading

Bad Sleep Habits Hurt Women with Bipolar Disorder

Sleep is awesome. Let’s just say that right away. A good nap goes a long way under any circumstance in my book. We of course know there are health risks associated with sleep deprivation and insomnia for people in general, and catching some Z’s is a good way to keep recharged and on top of . . . . Continue Reading

UNITE To Face Addiction Rally Calling for Action and Awareness in October

We have seen time and time again how addicts and alcoholics getting together to support each other can save lives. Every day groups gather in rooms all across the country to battle addiction. Throughout the year there are other organizations and movements gathering together to host events for their communities aimed at raising awareness to . . . . Continue Reading

Should Apple Let OxyContin Company Collect Data from Your iPhone?

Technology seems to be surpassing itself every day, with new inventions and innovations breaking the mold every time you turn around. I bet if you look at your smartphones they are cluttered with apps and information you know very little about or even never get used. As far as we have come with developing new . . . . Continue Reading