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Why Struggling with an Eating Disorder is Tougher in the South

    According to statistics on eating disorders provided by the National Eating Disorder Association, there are 10 million Americans currently suffering from one kind of eating disorder or another, and these include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. With such alarming numbers, eating disorders are on the rise across the U.S. and . . . . Continue Reading

52 Resolutions You Should Be Making

Rather than the traditional resolution list of fad diets, breaking habits and promises that usually gets broken, I decided to create a list of new things to try—things that can be crossed off (or added to) as the year goes on. There’s one for each week of the year—most are free and all are easily . . . . Continue Reading

The Trouble with Analogue Laws and Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs are man-made chemically laced substances that are designed to mimic the effects of other illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine. The difference between synthetic drugs and drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and meth are that synthetic drugs are often legal (at least for a while) and sold over the counter at some . . . . Continue Reading

5 Awesome Things About New Attorney General Loretta Lynch

  After a five-month-long wait, Loretta Lynch will finally get her confirmation vote for Senate Attorney General. Lynch will be will replacing Eric Holder, who was temporarily holding the position. Even President Obama acknowledged the exceptionally long delay, which last week called “crazy” and “embarrassing,” and said that it was due to a variety of . . . . Continue Reading

This is Your Brain on Meth

Meth is certainly notorious for how it wrecks your face, after all, there’s even been a coined term in pop culture to describe it: “meth mouth.” But do you know what exactly crystal meth does to your brain? Methamphetamine can cause significant changes to the brain. Some are immediate and some happen over time. This . . . . Continue Reading

7 Earmarks of a Healthy, Lasting Relationship

  By Cheryl Steinberg People who are in healthy relationships understand that, at the heart of it, there is mutual respect and love. That is, respect and love for self, each other, and for the relationship. But there are other facets of healthy, long-lasting relationships. Now, that isn’t to say that healthy relationships are completely . . . . Continue Reading

Some Women Are Stuck On the “Smoker’s Diet”

Have you ever heard of the “smoker’s diet” that people refer to when they compensate for missing meals by puffing down cigarettes? It’s the whole idea that smoking dulls your appetite, or that if you quit smoking you will fill the habit with eating, be it a need to do something with your hands, or . . . . Continue Reading

Ireland Baldwin Checks into Rehab for “Emotional Trauma”

Currently making the rounds is the latest celebrity rehab story about another starlet who supposedly sought help for her excessive partying. Last Thursday young Ireland Baldwin, 19 year old daughter of the Hollywood power-players Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, was admitted to a drug and alcohol treatment center in Malibu after what many reported on . . . . Continue Reading

Treatment Instead of Deportation for Immigrants Charged with Drug Crimes

In California, there has been a proposal made that would allow drug offenders to complete treatment and avoid entering a guilty plea. This latest effort is in line with the great strides California has been taking in recent months in order to keep nonviolent drug offenders out of the prison system. For instance, last November . . . . Continue Reading

12 Tried and True Aspects of Successful Recovery

  Even 12 steppers will tell you: there’s more than one way to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Whether you use a 12 Step philosophy or another path, these 12 tried and true aspects of successful recovery can be the perfect supplement to what you’re already doing. In fact, if you read carefully, you . . . . Continue Reading