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Hundreds March through Patterson to Support Fight against Addiction

My birth town is making me proud this week… In a display of hope against the pitfalls of addiction, hundreds of people marched through Patterson, New Jersey on Saturday Morning in the 5th Annual Passaic Country Recovery Walk. Many of the participants were recovering drug addicts and alcoholics who emerged from the grips of addiction . . . . Continue Reading

Close to $80 Million Will Be Used to Test Backlogged Rape Kits

Author: Shernide Delva Often survivors of rape and sexual abuse look for an escape by turning to drugs and/or alcohol to cope with their unpleasant emotions. Emotions like shame, guilt, embarrassment, loneliness and anger are numbed out through using substances. Failure to address the initial psychological damage associated with sexual violence is even associated with . . . . Continue Reading

Social Media Causes Depression and Anxiety in Teens

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. Furthermore, that country would be home to a large amount of teenagers. A study from Pew Research Center revealed that 92% of teenagers ages 13-17 go online daily. Out of that number, 24% say they are online “almost constantly” and 56% . . . . Continue Reading

3 Signs I Ignored When I Had an Eating Disorder

Today, I spent some time looking at old journal entries and it reminded me of the years I spent in my adolescence obsessing over my weight. I remember carrying a food journal with me at all times and writing what I ate in it. I remember frantically rushing home from school to research the calorie content. . . . . Continue Reading

Early Childhood Stress Affects Female Fertility

Is it possible that stress you had as a kid could impact your ability to have children yourself? New research examines how adverse experiences in childhood affect female fertility. Researcher Marni B. Jacobs explores the hypothesis that adverse childhood experiences result in an irregular menstrual cycle which consequently impacts fertility. The research published in the . . . . Continue Reading

Drug Licensed for Cancer-Related Anorexia

When most people think of anorexia, they think of someone with a serious eating disorder caused by their own desires to lose weight. However, often anorexia happens to cancer victims whose treatments result in massive weight loss and loss of appetite. Treatments like chemotherapy can often lead to a patient becoming severely underweight and lose all desire . . . . Continue Reading

Insular Cortex of Brain Plays Major Role in Addiction

A region of the brain may hold the key to treating addiction. Two studies reveal the region of our brain called the insular cortex could be where our addictions stem from. Smokers who had stroke damage in this region of the brain were able to quit smoking at a significantly higher rate compared to those who . . . . Continue Reading

Number of Drug Addicted Babies Born Has Quadrupled

Recently, I wrote an article about how states like Ohio are pushing for treatment, rather than criminalization, in order to decrease the staggering amount of babies being born with drug addictions. Now, a new statistic just came out that revealed the number of drug addicted babies born in the US has QUADRUPLED in just one . . . . Continue Reading

3 Things You Don’t Say to People with Depression

Sometimes we can all get a little depressed. Sadness is part of that variety they talk about when they say ‘spice of life’ and it is what makes the good times seem so much better. But there is a difference between being a little down and struggling with a more serious side of depression. I . . . . Continue Reading

Vaping Marketed As Weight Loss Tool

In the 40s and 50s, smoking cigarettes was all the rage. You could do it indoors, on planes, in elevators. Even doctors were endorsing it. Yes, doctors. Doctors prescribed cigarettes as a way to combat obesity and nicotine was a well-known appetite suppressant. Having a cigarette in your mouth kept you from indulging in your . . . . Continue Reading