Childhood Drug Addiction Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is one of the most well known and busy actors of the last twenty five years.  Acting has truly been a lifelong career; nearly fifty films since she was five years old.  She inherited two important legacies from her family – acting talent and drug addiction.  She endured years of painful addiction during her tender years, including several visits to a drug rehab and suicide attempts.

Drews Early Start Abusing Drugs In ChildhoodDrew Barrymore - Love

Accounts seem to vary, but Drew was reportedly smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol as young as nine years old.  She was then smoking pot at age ten and doing cocaine at age twelve.  Let’s just stop for a second and soak that up.  Nine.  Ten.  Twelve.  Those are unbelievably young ages to be using illegal and mind altering drugs.

To put a little context with this, Drew’s dad never apparently lived with her and her mother.  Drew’s mother also worked evenings as a waitress.  With the odd schedule, an absent father (with a history of drug addiction), a strong family history of drug and alcohol addiction, and the other-wordly atmosphere of Hollywood, it’s not as hard to see how this situation could lead to trouble. 

Drew Barrymore Goes To Drug Rehab Several Times In Search of Sobriety

An interview she had with People magazine almost twenty years ago reveals that Drew went to one particular drug treatment center several times as a teen.  She spent a lot of time in denial that she had a problem.  And after she had gone to drug rehab a few times, she still experienced relapses.  She indicated that she was taking her sobriety one day at a time and was very proud of her accomplishment.  Another source says she never relapsed after her mid-teen years were over.

Like many drug addicts, Drew has some relationship issues with her mother and father.  Her father died in 2004, and she was fortunately able to spend some good time with him.  Her relationship with her mother also went through a transformation.  At one time, Drew’s mom became her manager, which seemed to cloud things even more.

Drew Fights For Sobriety And Keeps It

Though Drew certainly went through some very rough years, she seems to have kept her sobriety for a long time.  Though she has done some quirky and questionable things as a celebrity, there have been no reports of her relapsing into drug use.  She seems to have found good work that matches her talents, service and charity efforts she believes in, and good people around her. 

It’s easy to say that since she’s a celebrity, of course she’d find good work, charity groups, and friends.  But remember that her celebrity was part of the formula that got her into drug addiction.  If you take away her famous name, the plan is still solid for preventing relapse – good work, generous acts, and a solid healthy social network.  Does she go to support groups and see a counselor now and then?  Who knows?  Her celebrity status may allow her to do those types of things privately.  But you can’t argue with the general plan she has going.

Inspiration For Gaining Your Sobriety At Drug Rehab

Drew Barrymore is certainly a celebrity, but she was once a young person with a lot of pain.  Many drug addicts can relate to this.  She went to drug rehab several times and finally found a life path that worked for her.  If her attitude towards recovery and success staying sober is inspiring to you, find out more about drug rehab.  You can find sobriety and keep it too when you give drug rehab a chance.

10 thoughts on “Childhood Drug Addiction Drew Barrymore

  1. Drew Barrymore is still drinking and doing cocaine. Treatment only works if you want to get clean. Drew does not want to come clean. She hangs out in bars just like in the 80’s. She gets drunk, gets high, and unlike the 80’s hangs all over and kisses every man she sees. Read the headlines. She is anything but sober. She is nothing more than a coke whore. There is your sweetheart America!

  2. She just had a relapse, but it is over now. Some can pull out of it on their own. Rehab only works if the addict wants it to. They have to want to be sober. I just hope that she doesn’t relapse again and she STOPS GOING OUT WITH ALL THESE MEN! Please do not say “former” drug-addict. There is no such thing. They are “sober”. Drew Barrymore is and sadly will always be a drug-addict. She just sobered up but the addiction is still there and as we seen come back in a flash. If she was a “former” drug-addict, why did she relapse that quick? Because the addiction is still there and no rehab can get rid of it. Sorry about the comments above but she is to cute to be doing cocaine!

  3. I seriously disagree with the “once an addict, always an addict” attitude some people have. I was addicted to cocaine at the ages of 15 and 16, but not anymore. I say that because I do not crave cocaine and have had it practically forced in my face, but I said no. I am now 19 years old and haven’t consumed drugs of any kind. Addiction is not a lifelong disease in my point of view, I don’t count the days I have been “sober” and seeing as to how many of you have probably never even LOOKED at cocaine in person, how can you give opinions without the proper knowledge to back them up? It’s like a person giving advice about a situation they have NEVER experienced. You think you know what you would do, but you never know until it happens to you. Do you think a promiscuous person will ALWAYS be a promiscuous person? People mature, they learn and change.

  4. Many people look at drug addicts, especially the ones that have families, and think, how could they. I am the daughter of two drugg-addict parents, and the oldest of ten children. It is not easy to just pick up your life and pretend that nothing happened. I commend any drug-addict for getting help and becoming a “former” drug-addict. If a person really wants to quit they can, but it will take a lot, and I mean, a tremendous amount of work. The influence parents have on their cildren is everlasting, and they do not realize it. Some of my uncles were on drugs, and even two of my baby sisters. Things in our house were quite intense. I shared this information so people would not pass judgment. You do not know unless you have walked a mile in their shoes.

    How could one not get involved in drugs and alcohol if it was something they saw all their life by the people they were looking up to? Drew Barrymore has a family history of fame and drugs, her mother only saw dollar signs, so she began to party even more than she already was. Well, she could not leave the child at home alone, so why not bring her to a party to “allow her to grow up anyway”? Her mother was not thinking logically in the best interest of the child, but for her own benefit. No doubt there were many times time Drew witnessed her mother sleeping with different men, maybe some of them introduced Drew to sex at a very young age, which triggered her desire for it.

    I know these things can happen, because I have experienced all but drugs first hand.

  5. i just love Tania comment above. i couldnt agree with her more. i was addicted to ecstasy and alocohol at age 14 up til i was 18 years old. i knew it was a problem and i sought help for it. though i relapsed a couple of times, i still fought to seek the proper help for my addiction and i was successful in it. i havent touched ecstasy or alcohol since i was 18. i am 23 years old now and i am very proud of myself for overcoming such a tough addiction. and i am proud of Drew Barrymore as well because its not easy to walk away from. people who havent experienced a addiction so great such as cocaine, alcohol or other drugs, shouldnt judge people who do. its not right and it makes you look stupid.

  6. Hi, I’m pretty certain Drew hasn’t had a relapse since her teenage years. I was addicted to pain killers, alcohol by 13, magic mushrooms by 16 and pot since i was 12. It was tough. Picking up Drew Barrymores book saved me. I wanted to stop, I hit rock bottom just as she had, I do not agree with once an addict always an addict for everyone. Everybody is different. some things I do not crave like alcohol. I can control it now, I tell my friends to be careful and keep an eye in case but the mushrooms I no longer crave, or pot. The struggle is different for everyone emotionally and I think people shouldn’t judge anyone until they have lived a day in their shoes. It’s unfair to looka nd say “why do they do it?” sometimes the addict doesn’t know they are addicted even though it’s obvious after the treatment. Plus she had the preassure of fame which, would be very hard on a young girl. Moral of the story is, she was brave to say “hey I’m human I made mistakes but now I’m better”.

  7. I totally agree with Alishia and Ashley. I was on drugs and alcohol from the age of 14 until I was 20.
    I sobered up completely for 9 yrs. I did relapse for a couple of years while going through a divorce.
    But once again I beat my demons and am sober. Any pompous ass who judges people who have
    struggled with addiction is petty and arrogant and should probably seek counseling for megalomania.

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