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Coffee Shown to Reduce Risk of Liver Cirrhosis

Nothing beats a cup of coffee in the morning. In fact, millions of Americans start their workday with a cup of Joe; however most of them are not drinking coffee to reduce the effects of excessive drinking. Yet, believe it or not, a new study claims that drinking at least two cups of coffee can . . . . Continue Reading

Heroin Addiction Making Huge Impact in Congress

Author: Justin Mckibben Over the years the old-school no mercy and no-holds-barred approach to the War on Drugs in America has been the law of the land and in recent years we have seen the real tragic impact of this kind of drug policy dogma being pushed onto the people, watching households and communities topple . . . . Continue Reading

Why Good Nutrition is So Important in Recovery

The drug addiction epidemic has become worse in numbers each year. At this point, almost everyone is affected by addiction in some way. Drugs like alcohol, nicotine, heroin, and marijuana have various negative effects on the body and nutrition. However, the prevention of drug addiction, according to a recent article, will not occur unless we focus . . . . Continue Reading

The Inside Scoop on Why Habits Are so Hard to Break   

When we are striving to make positive changes to our lives, one must ponder why it is so difficult to break habits in the first place. Why are old habits so endearing when we know the damaging effects? Even when we know that our behavior is destructive, our habits are still so hard to break. . . . . Continue Reading

Aquaholism: Can You Really Be ‘Addicted’ to Water?

We have all been told how beneficial drinking water can be for our health, but apparently they are people taking that advice to a whole new level. A recent article explored the concept of water addiction. Now, most will be skeptical that such an addiction really exists. Is it really possible to be addicted to water? . . . . Continue Reading

4 Ways Drug Addiction Treatment Differ For Women

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. We’ve all heard that line before. After all, it was the title of one of the most crazed books of the 90’s and although the author, John Gray, was making more of a reference to relationships than addiction treatment, the reality is that when it comes to gender, there . . . . Continue Reading

The Link Between Facebook and Alcohol Abuse

New research continues to analyze the potential detrimental effects of social media.  Is there a link between Facebook use and alcohol abuse? According to this latest report, there could be. Using data extracted from the Facebook accounts of 318 female students at the University of Georgia (UGA), researchers found the severity of child abuse was . . . . Continue Reading

University in Maine Offers Addiction Rehab Certificate

In response to the addiction epidemic all across the United States, a new certificate program is being offered at the University of Maine at Farmington to prepare students for a career in the addiction field. Demand for substance abuse and behavior disorder counselors is expected to grow by 31% through 2022, according to the U.S . . . . Continue Reading

Flakka Responsible for the Rise of HIV Cases in Ireland

Author: Shernide Delva To everyone else, it is known as flakka. In Ireland, it is more commonly known as ‘Snow Blow.’ No matter what you call it; flakka is leading to an increase in risky behaviors in Ireland.  A recent article revealed that flakka is causing a surge in the number of new cases of . . . . Continue Reading

Can Bargain Hunting Be Addictive?

Believe it or not, bargain hunting may be a sign of shopping addiction. Personally, I believe it and plan to send this article to my Mom who I think is the queen bargain hunter but I digress… Bargain hunting may save money but there is a cycle of looking for the next “great deal” that can . . . . Continue Reading