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Bridging the Gender Gap of Addiction Treatment Options

Substance abuse and addiction are devastating for anyone, but the journey of recovery can be a particularly difficult one for women. Women are much more likely than men to face a multitude of barriers when trying to get access to treatment. In fact, women are far less likely than men to even seek treatment when . . . . Continue Reading

 ‘A Drunk Can Consent’ Ruling in Sexual Assault Case Sparks Outrage

Consent in sexual assault is a very controversial topic. In many cases, consent is impossible to prove. On college campuses, cases of sexual assault often involve drugs and/or alcohol.  That’s why most colleges have a policy that sexual activity with an intoxicated person is, by definition, sexual assault. Therefore, a recent case is under fire . . . . Continue Reading

Are You Addicted to Bad Relationships?

  Relationships can be great if they are healthy. However, a growing number of people consistently find themselves in unhealthy damaging relationships. Recent articles have suggested that some people may be addicted to bad relationships. Bad relationship addiction follows the same rules as other types of addiction. The definition of addiction is a strong, harmful need . . . . Continue Reading

Medical Marijuana to Treat Menstrual Cramps?

With several states in the country legalizing marijuana, either medically or recreationally, many are trying to get their hands on the expanding market. Whoopi Goldberg has been a long-time advocate of marijuana use. In an interview to Vanity Fair, Goldberg announced that she plans to launch a medical marijuana line to treat menstrual cramps. The . . . . Continue Reading

4 Ways Spiritual Fitness Can Be Sexy

The concept of spirituality can be difficult to describe and to some people the definition of spiritual fitness may mean something else than what it means to you or even I, but using it in this context I mean to express spiritual fitness as someone who centers their life around inspired ideals from seeking something . . . . Continue Reading

Addiction Treatment With Primary Care Produces Results in HIV Patients

Author: Shernide Delva The Boston Medical Center has created a program that integrates treatment for addiction with treatment for patients with or at risk for HIV. Results from the program show that combining the two treatments lower patient’s substance dependence and encourage them to engage in treatment. The findings are published online in the Journal . . . . Continue Reading

How Dating an Addict Has Shifted My Awareness of Alcohol Culture

Author: Shernide Delva In a relationship, it’s common to have to come up with activities to do that you both enjoy together. Sometimes you have to make compromises and navigate each other’s interests. Recently, I got into a relationship with someone who is in recovery, and it has been eye-opening to realize how much alcohol really . . . . Continue Reading

Sickening Statistics From New Sexual Assault Study

Sexual assault is by no means a casual topic. It is one of the most offensive and appalling, devastating and disturbing offenses one human being can commit onto another, and what’s even more disconcerting is that a new study has confirmed that sexual assault has reached “epidemic levels” on college campuses. Another corroboration made by . . . . Continue Reading

5 Strange Ways Women in History Used Weed

What was the cure for the common aches and pains for the ladies once upon a time? Apparently a lot of it was a mixture of lambs fat and cannabis. Where does it hurt? Slather on some marijuana and other natural ingredients, it’ll be fine. This was a very familiar tactic for European women for . . . . Continue Reading

Is Alcohol used as Ammo in Sexual Assault?

They say we always hurt the ones we love the most, and too many young people have been raised in homes where that meant violence enacted against them or upon one parent from the other. Beyond that sexual assault is a terrible and tragic reality in the world today, claiming the lives of thousands of . . . . Continue Reading