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Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping

Over the last few years, Lance Armstrong has repeatedly denied all charges of doping during his biking career – and the charges came thick and fast from multiple legal entities. Ultimately, the World Anti-Doping Agency stripped him of his seven Tour de France titles though he never confessed. But in an Oprah interview that will air over two nights, Armstrong has reportedly come clean, apologizing to many of his staffers and to fans for his use of performance enhancing substances during his career.

Can Video Games Help the Children of Addicts to Heal?

Now, a new video game called Papo y Yo may be able to help the children of addicts process and deal with some of the emotional issues that come up when a parent is living with an active addiction.

Rationalizing Risk: A Common Sign of Addiction

A lot of people do it, too– they’re not dead. I can stop any time. I’ve stopped before. I choose to start again. I like it. I don’t want to stop. Everyone has a vice. Everybody is going to die of something. Comments like these are often made by those who are rationalizing their addictive . . . . Continue Reading

Is Addiction Neglected by the US Medical Community?

According to Huffington Post, addiction is the most neglected disease in the United States medical system.

The Jennifer Act is a Mother’s Love Letter to Her Deceased Daughter

Knowing your child is struggling with an addiction that is potentially lethal would be scary enough, but finding out you can’t help them would be enough to break the spirits of many parents.

Project Prevention Pays Drug Addicted Women to Sterilize Themselves

How much is your fertility worth to you? According to Project Prevention, a nonprofit organization that advertises in homeless shelters, methadone clinics, and AA meetings across the US, it might be worth about $300 – at least, that’s what they’re offering to women who are struggling with addiction.

Failed Drug Tests Lead to Job Loss

More and more employers are cracking down and expecting their employees to be drug-free. How can you help your employees to get the drug treatment they need so that they can get back to work?

Attentive Moms Can Help Kids Fight Drug Addiction Later in Life

A new study conducted at Duke University has theorized that children of attentive mothers have a much better chance at fighting off the development of drug addiction, even if they have a genetic history of the disorder in their family. It’s a theory in its early stages – the study was conducted using rats as . . . . Continue Reading

New Memoir Talks About Drug Addiction and Non-judgment

Working with acts including Diana Ross, David Bowie, Madonna, Grace Jones and others, Rodgers has recently written a memoir called Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco, and Destiny that talks about his experiences with these stars – and with drug addiction.

Prosecution May be the Fate of Drug Addicted Pregnant Women

In 1992, Cornelia Whitner was sentenced to eight years in jail because her baby tested positive for cocaine at birth. Since then, a nationwide debate has raged about the legality of the South Carolina court’s actions that sentenced her. Should Whitner have received a criminal punishment for her drug addiction, a medical disease and not . . . . Continue Reading