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7 Reasons Why You Should Go to Rehab in the Winter

Anytime you decide you’re sick and tired of relying on alcohol and other drugs is a good time to get help. If you notice that your drug habit is ruining your relationships, causing problems at work or a loss of a job, altogether, and creating financial hardships – not to mention taking a toll on . . . . Continue Reading

Buddhist Advice on Smartphone Addiction

It’s 2014, the new iPhone just came out, things like texting and social media are such common place they are quickly being considered potential addiction, and digital devices like iPads and smartphones have their hooks in billions of people from every walk of life. I have my phone in my hand texting right now, and . . . . Continue Reading

How to Go to Detox without Insurance

One major aspect of medical treatment and attending a drug detox facility that holds addicts and alcoholics back from ever getting the help they need is concerns about the cost of treatment. Most insurance companies today have some level or insurance coverage for alcohol or drug detox and addiction treatment to curb that concern, but many . . . . Continue Reading

The Downfalls of Long Term Suboxone Treatment

Many people who are in recovery will admit that long term Suboxone treatment, also called Suboxone maintenance, is a hot-button issue – dividing people into two main camps: those who are for it and those who are against it. There is, however, one thing both sides agree on: Suboxone is an excellent detox aid. Until . . . . Continue Reading

ACLU Of Massachusetts Files Suit Aiming to End Incarceration of Addicted Women

The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts has filed a lawsuit aiming to end the state’s policy of committing drug- and alcohol-addicted women to a Framingham correctional facility. The Massachusetts ACLU intends to argue that innocent women are being treated worse than prisoners in the community correctional facilities. The state of Massachusetts has been contending . . . . Continue Reading

9 Signs You Need Inpatient Drug Treatment

Substance abuse and addiction are not the kind of problems we can address with a quick fix. People often think the only issue for them is putting down the substances they abuse for long enough to get past any physical dependency. A detox facility is very helpful but in order to effectively face off against . . . . Continue Reading

Women’s Drug Rehab in Stowe, VT

Women’s Drug Rehab in Stowe, VT: Why a Women’s Only Facility There are many aspects of women’s drug rehab in Stowe, VT that identify with both personal and social issues specific to women. So when it comes to getting treatment for their substance abuse and addiction, it only makes it easier for most women to . . . . Continue Reading

How Long Does it Take to Detox From Alcohol?

Alcohol detox and detox from alcohol If you have become physically dependent on alcohol, when you try to stop you will experience withdrawal symptoms as a result of your alcohol detox. By quitting drinking cold turkey, or stopping abruptly, you are forcing your body and brain – your whole system, to detox from alcohol, with . . . . Continue Reading

Women’s Rehab in Boynton Beach

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism are general terms for problems with alcohol or drugs and is usually used to mean compulsive and uncontrolled drinking or using of drugs; usually to the destruction of the person’s well-being, personal relationships, and social reputations. Women’s Rehab in Boynton Beach can be very supportive for women and can help direct . . . . Continue Reading

Detox Centers For Women

Detox Centers for Women: Withdrawal Syndrome Many women who are drug- and alcohol-addicted will continue their use long after they want to quit, simply to avoid the painful and sometimes frightening symptoms that accompany the withdrawal, some women even try to detox from their addictions at home, suffering through days of discomfort and violent withdrawal . . . . Continue Reading