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orchid-stepsAt The Orchid, our philosophy is simple: We shall continue to dedicate our lives to helping women find new and progressive ways to overcome addiction, and heal themselves and their families in the process.

The progressive addiction treatment programs at The Orchid are unique not only because we only provide rehab to women, but because the rehab experience here is so rich – focusing on enhancement of a woman’s physical health, emotional needs and spirituality.

To help treat women with drug addiction effectively, Orchid utilizes the groundbreaking treatment programs developed by Dr. Karen Dodge. Click here to learn more about Dr. Dodge and how her work paved the way for women’s recovery success stories around the world.

Dr. Dodge created a treatment modality called “relational growth”, which simply put, found that women overcome addiction faster and more completely when they are supported by a community of other women who are experiencing the same issues and facing the same challenges related to alcohol or drug addiction.

And that support system is the very essence of the alcohol and drug rehab experience at The Orchid. This is where women help other women heal, and expert counselors and therapists guide the way with a series of holistic programs designed to improve all aspects of the individual.

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The Orchid calls upon traditional alcohol and drug treatment styles, uses everything found in them that is positive and applicable to the special rehab needs of a woman, and then adds the community-based work of Dr. Dodge to provide a powerful, life-changing experience.

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